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Food starches are nutritious carbohydrates derived from corn, tapioca and potato, and used in a huge range of food products. Our starches make cakes that do not crumble, frozen meals that are freeze-thaw stable, and yogurts with an indulgent texture.  We supply native and cook-up starches, instant starches, traditional pregelatinized starch, cold-water swelling starch, and lipophilic starches. This variety is possible because starch polymers can be connected in straight (amylase) or branched (amylopectin) chains, giving granules varying sizes, shapes and structures.

NEW! CLARIA® Functional Clean-Label Starches
The clean-label starch line that tastes as great as it performs.

Proprietary technology of CLARIA® Functional Clean-Label Starches empowers manufacturers globally to formulate label-friendly products without compromising quality.

That’s because CLARIA® Functional Clean-Label Starches:

  • Perform similarly to modified starches in terms of tolerance to shear, acid and heat
  • Label simply as ‘starch’
  • Offer a clean taste and a while colour profile
  • Are versatile across a broad range of applications and sophisticated processes, including yoghurt, soups, sauces, dressings and prepared meals

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Food Starches 

Native starches

For superior thickening and dry mix moisture control plus cleaner labels, our native starches are the answer. Simply put, native starches are starches in their most natural form—as they occur in the plant. Tate & Lyle meticulously isolates our native starches from the plant source without altering their chemical structure. This gives you the truest performance of starches from corn, waxy corn or tapioca.

Modified starches

When you want true quality and performance, choose Tate & Lyle modified starches, the standard for thickening and stabilizing. Modified starches allow for less gelling, more stability or greater water holding than unmodified starches. They deliver superior properties like creaminess for excellent mouthfeel, shear tolerance, moisture retention, heat tolerance and acid and freeze-thaw stability. Find out more about our latest instant starch: PULPIZ™ Pulp Extender, an easy-to use, retort resistant starch that mimics tomato pulp texture and taste, at lower solid levels. 


For thickening, moisture control & adjusting texture, Tate & Lyle’s instant starches set the bar for performance. Modified from corn, waxy corn, potato and tapioca to provide unique functionality in a wide variety of applications. Discover the convenience of pregelatinized starches’ ability to exceed your consumers’ expectations.

Cold water swelling

To save time and energy thickening and stabilizing your dry and processed foods, go with Tate & Lyle’s cold-water swelling granular starches. Ideal for both hot and cold systems, they enhance texture in cakes and cookies and extend shelf life in frozen foods. Let us help you find the right cold water swelling starch, and you’ll enjoy cook-up qualities like higher viscosity and a smooth glossy appearance not found with traditional pregel starches.

Lipophilic starch

Reduce costs and increase consumer satisfaction with our lipophilic starch line.Your food or beverage system’s quality and appearance will benefit from their superior emulsification and encapsulation of fats and oils and their ability to reduce or replace more costly emulsification systems.

Functional food-grade dextrins

Meet consumer expectations for texture and appearance with our full line of functional corn and tapioca dextrins.For film forming and adhesion in fried and baked foods and color and flavor carrying in dry mixes, our dextrins lead the way, even extending shelf life and saving time in foodservice applications.

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