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The global consumer trends driving our commitment to make products healthier, tastier and more sustainable


Health and sustainability are key focus areas for consumers who opt for products that are better for them and the planet. Flexitarian food options are attractive healthy-eating propositions, while plant-based eating also comes with positive environmental impacts.


Consumers seek food and beverage products they can trust, and they want to know the source of the ingredients in those products. We’re moving the conversation from clean-label to transparency – transparency of both our ingredients, and for consumer purchases.

Sugar Reduction

Getting and staying healthy are key considerations for today’s consumers. The battle between taste experience and sugar reduction still rages on, and our sugar reduction expertise offers solutions for manufacturers to formulate without sacrificing taste.

Gut health

Consumers all over the world are not getting enough fibre in their diets. As awareness grows of gut health and its benefits, consumers are looking for products with gut health benefits, which is where our fibre fortification expertise and ingredients come in.


Consumers are busy and time poor, so they seek ease, efficiency and instant gratification from the food and drink they buy. But meeting these needs often present formulation challenges for manufacturers.

Better-for-you snacking

In a fast-paced world, time-pressed, on-the-go lifestyles have given rise to snacking. Snacking is still an important meal occasion, but consumers are prioritising their health so better-for-you options are essential.
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Nutrition plays a key role in consumers’ lives

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