Our Values

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Our Values

We protect our people; this is foundational to our business
  • We always watch out for the safety of ourselves and others
  • We proactively identify safety risks and take the appropriate actions to report or fix them
  • We take responsibility for ensuring the right tools, support and skills are in place at work
We do what is right, no matter what
  • We act as a positive role model for the people around us
  • We speak up against inappropriate actions and behaviours
  • We always do what we know is right, even when under significant pressure
We treat people fairly and value the world we live in
  • We are open, honest and fair in the way we conduct ourselves
  • We treat everyone the same, always seeking to listen and understand the views of others
  • We take positive actions to protect and value the environment we live in

Our Behaviours

We work together as one global team to deliver for our customers

We have the courage to act quickly and allow others to experiment and learn

We deliver long-term results, balancing today’s needs with tomorrow’s possibilities

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics helps guide how we do business and defines what stakeholders can expect from us.


Nothing matters more to us than safety. We simply don’t do something unless we can do it safely.
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Tate & Lyle is a vibrant, global and hardworking environment. Our purpose is to Make Food Extraordinary and all our people have an important part to play in making this happen.