The evidence is there

Consumers are seeking ‘better for you’ food and beverage products, and more broadly, brands they can trust. They want to know the source of the ingredients they buy and consume, so they can make informed purchase decisions. This demand for transparency runs through the entire industry, from field, to formulation, to fork.

Transparency consumer evidence

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More evidence

According to market research, consumers worldwide are looking for more ‘natural’ products with fewer ingredients. However there is no consistent global regulatory definition of natural, and fewer ingredients doesn’t always mean healthy ingredients1.

This means that brands need to build trust through clear messaging:

Brand focus on clear messaging

Source: 1. FMCG Gurus, Top 10 Trends for 2021

Meeting transparency needs

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Consumer needs
Consumers want to understand what's "in" and what's "out". They seek simpler, better-for-you food and beverage products they can trust, made from ingredients they recognise, from companies that care for the planet. 
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Customers' challenges
Our customers are expected to meet the transparency needs of consumers while also delivering on affordability, health and wellness, and most importantly, the taste experience. They must also maintain the taste, texture, integrity and quality of food using clean label ingredients that often do not have the same functionality.
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Our solutions
We offer a highly functional, label-friendly portfolio of ingredients and solutions, responsibly sourced, organic, natural, simple and recognisable; including non-GM/non-bio-engineered (BE); with no artificial sweeteners, artificial flavours, artificial preservatives or E-numbers

Explore our transparency insights

Explore our transparency insights

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