End to end service

The perfect partnership

Adding value is central to the success of our partnerships. From creating an extraordinary ingredient or bespoke system, or adding sparkle to existing products – we always go the extra mile. Passionate foodies and leading scientists, we bring the right ingredients for the perfect partnership:

  • Award-winning portfolio

  • Robust innovation pipeline

  • Strong technical expertise

  • Cost-effective supply-chain

A recipe for success


We connect consumer needs with science; our food scientists and nutritionists create extraordinary solutions that help you to meet increasing consumer demand for foods that are lower in sugar, calories, fat and salt. We protect our intellectual property by patenting our innovation and currently have around 500 patents in issue and more than 300 patents pending. *

Consumer insight

Understanding consumer’s needs and identifying future trends and opportunities is crucial to the start of any successful project. Our in-house sensory, culinary and marketing teams equip us with valuable market insight that drives our product development programme. Although we talk about global trends, there are significant cultural and economic differences between global regions, so we carry out on-the-ground research wherever we operate to understand the needs of a local area and tailor solutions to fit.

Customer collaboration

Understanding our customers and what they want is critical to our mutual success. The opening of our Global Innovation Centre in Chicago in 2012 represented a step-change in how we work with our customers globally. This workspace is particularly important when we bring new products to market: engaging with customers earlier and throughout the innovation process helps drive quicker adoption cycles.
Helping you to apply ingredients

Formulating solutions for local markets

Consumer taste and texture preferences are different around the world, so our global network of 16 Customer Innovation and Collaboration Centres are vital in helping us to engage with local markets. Customers come to our Centres to work with our food scientists to reformulate their products and to develop solutions using our ingredients. These solutions deliver the right taste, texture and functionality for our customers’ products in their local markets.

Understanding taste

Our network of Customer Innovation and Collaboration Centres provide space for our customers to work with our food scientists to develop solutions using our ingredients that meet the varying taste and texture expectations of consumers from different parts of the world.


63% of customers who visit the Customer Innovation and Collaboration Centres in Chicago see Tate & Lyle as ‘exceeding their expectations’

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