Understanding Confectionery

Our experience in this market enables us to develop and deliver innovative solutions that give your products a competitive edge.

Using our unique insight, we can help predict the next confectionery trend and work in partnership with you to bring new or reformulated products to market quickly and easily.

Sanjiv Avashia
In addition to reducing sugars in confections to respond to consumer demands, we are also developing products that are more “process friendly” with reduced setting times for gums and jellies – potentially saving the customer money.
Sanjiv Avashia
Principal Application Scientist

Discover our confectionery know-how

The sugar confectionery market represents a world of happy childhood memories – toffee, boiled sweets, marshmallows, lozenges, chewy candies, lollipops and liquorice – these iconic treats can’t fail to wake up the senses. We have had a strong track record in the vast sugar confectionery market for many decades, and we’re committed to continuing to innovate and experiment in the sector.
Consumers are no longer content with the traditional formulations they’ve grown used to. They are looking for more variety, more flavour and more indulgence, but expect ‘healthier’ options at the same time. You face some daunting challenges.

Our skill lies in fine-tuning your confectionery to accommodate the need for, long-lasting texture, enhanced flavour, sugar and calorie reduction and easier processing.

This is a market that is always booming. Whatever’s happening in the world, chocolate is still the go-to treat for adults and children alike.

Although it’s always in demand, consumers’ needs are constantly changing. Chocolate-lovers are increasingly expecting quality, variety, and even functionality, and we’re here to help you meet these demands.

SPLENDA® Sucralose

For sugar-like sweetness, stability and versatility, nothing compares to our SPLENDA® Sucralose. Our SPLENDA® Sucralose can be used in sugar free confectionery such as breath freshening mints, sugars free hard boiled candies and jellies. SPLENDA® Sucralose is easy to use; its micronised particles suit applications where a fine particle size helps ensure optimal dispersion, for example in sugar-free gum.

Stevia Solutions and TASTEVA® Stevia Sweetener
Tasteva stevia sweetener

TASTEVA® Stevia Sweetener contributes zero calories, does not raise blood sugar and is 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar. TASTEVA® Stevia Sweetener lets you create confectionery that offers consumers a natural, plant-based sweetness. Our Stevia Solutions range, from our recent partnership with Sweet Green Fields, lets you create confectionery that offers consumers a great taste.

KRYSTAR® Crystalline Fructose
Krystar crystalline fructose

KRYSTAR® Crystalline Fructose can help you to formulate sweets and confectionery that deliver extra fruitiness. KRYSTAR® Crystalline Fructose can enhance flavour perception by 15% or more particularly with fruit, chocolate, and caramel notes, providing opportunities to reduce the levels of additional flavourings.


FRUCTOPURE® Fructose enables you to formulate sweets and confectionery that deliver extra fruitiness. FRUCTOPURE® Fructose can enhance flavour perception by 15% or more particularly with fruit, chocolate, and caramel notes, providing opportunities to reduce the levels of additional flavourings.


DOLCIA PRIMA® Allulose tastes and functions like sugar, but with more than 90% fewer calories. Because it delivers many of the functional benefits sugar provides, it makes formulation easier. DOLCIA PRIMA® Allulose is ideal for creating great-tasting jellies, chewing gum and hard and soft candy sweets.Our DOLCIA PRIMA ® Allulose is available in both a syrup and crystalline form to meet with your processing needs.

MALTOSWEET® Maltodextrins

MALTOSWEET® Maltodextrins and dried glucose syrups add bulk to your low viscosity formulations and partially replace sucrose and lactose in chocolate confectionery.

STAR-DRI® Maltodextrins

STAR-DRI® Maltodextrins can be used to partially replace gelatin without affecting end product texture. It can also be used to influence chewy texture, bite and form stability in jellies and gums.


CONFECTIONER’S G Starch is a gelling starch for use in jelly candies. This starch provides low hot viscosity when cooked and rapid gelling when cooled.

MERIZET® and MOULDING Starch product lines

The MERIZET® and MOULDING Starch line is used in the moulding, depositing and drying processes of jelly candies to absorb moisture from the candy during the stoving process.

MIRA-GEL® 463 Starch

MIRA-GEL® 463 Starch is a thickening and gelling starch for use in chews, taffies and similar confectionery. This starch hydrates in water at ambient temperatures, forming a thick, smooth consistency and then setting to a gel texture. Other instant starches thicken in water without heat, but none duplicate the gel forming functionality of this starch. In low moisture confections, this starch provides extrusion consistency and delivers gelled texture without high temperature cooking. Gels made with this starch, unlike most gelling agents, will resist flow allowing for efficient slabbing, depositing and cutting of the candy mass during production. 


MIRA-QUIK® MGL Starch is a gelling starch for use in jelly confections. This starch provides low hot viscosity when cooked and rapidly sets to a gel texture that offers good clarity and elasticity.

MIRA-SET® 285 Starch

MIRA-SET® 285 Starch is a gelling starch for use in jelly confectionery. This starch provides low hot viscosity when cooked under typical jet cooker conditions and rapidly sets to a firm gel texture when cooled.

MIRA-THIK® 468 Starch

MIRA-THIK® 468 Starch is an instant thickening starch which is used in chews, jellies, taffies, caramels and similar confections. This starch provides rapid hydration in the presence of high solids with mild atmospheric cooking.


The THINGUM® Starch line is used in gummy sweets and jelly candies to provide low hot viscosity and develop specific textures. There are six starches in this product line which vary in their labeling options and fluidity profiles – allowing you to develop sweets that offer a range of bites from soft to hard, or offer long or short textures in the mouth. 

PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre
PROMITOR soluble fibre

55% of consumers want to reduce their intake of sugars, while 52% want to increase fibre consumption. With PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre you can achieve both. PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre can be used in two ways: to increase fibre content in fibre enriched products; and/or add back bulk and solids into the confection. PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre can be used to replace sugar, in combination with non-nutritive sweeteners, to add back bulk and solids, enabling manufacturers to create lower sugar confectionery products that remain indulgent in both taste and texture.

STA-LITE® Elite Polydextrose
STA-LITE Polydextrose

STA-LITE® Elite Polydextrose is an ultra-low sugar, high end polydextrose for use in low sugar confectionery.

Explore our confectionery insights

Explore our confectionery insights

Understanding customer challenges

Understanding the world you work in and the challenges you face is key to the success of our products and relationships. We understand that you want to optimise your manufacturing process, that product pricing and shelf life are crucial, and that consumers demand the best in terms of flavour, quality, safety, convenience and packaging.


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