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#FoodHack2020: can wrinkled peas reduce the chances of people developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease?

05 March 2020
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Company Stories
Mervyn at FoodHack2020 webtile
What’s so special about wrinkled peas? Peas can be wrinkled or round – and it’s their genetic composition that determines which. But it’s not only their shape that distinguishes them. Researchers at Imperial College London, the John Innes Centre, and Quadram Institute have found that wrinkled peas...

Responding to the global obesity challenge

04 March 2020
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Company Stories
Mold pilot plant
How are we helping food companies reformulate their recipes, and supporting global efforts to tackle obesity? Will Ballantyne, Category Technical Manager at our Technical Service Centre and Pilot Plant in the small town of Mold, North Wales, UK explains all.

How our plant in Mold became 'zero-landfill'

24 February 2020
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Company Stories
Tate & Lyle Mold site
Tate & Lyle is working towards reusing as much waste as possible across all of our sites globally. Our plant in Mold, UK, for example, sends zero waste to landfill – productive uses are found for everything!

International Day of Women & Girls in Science 2020

11 February 2020
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Company Stories
For the International Day of Women and Girls in Science on 11 February, we’ve taken a snapshot of some of our amazing scientists contributing to our work, all around the world.

Creating the perfect texture for the perfect snack

21 January 2020
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Case Study
Toaster pastry made at Tate & Lyle
Cooking the perfect snack with a fruit filling can be a tough ask! Will the texture be too thick? Will the fruit filling boil and spill out? Whether for a snack bar or a pastry, the science behind cooking with starches in food applications is highly complex.
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