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5 ways we took our staycations

10 September 2020
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Company Stories
Staycation activities
School is returning in many parts of the world this month, but in this Covid-19 landscape it’s been a difficult time for many people who would ordinarily be returning to work fresh from a holiday. With borders, states and regions closed in many countries of the world, the opportunity to relax on...

New papers capture the latest thinking on nutrition research and reformulation practices

03 September 2020
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Company Stories
British Nutrition Foundation scientific research papers
Tate & Lyle supports British Nutrition Foundation’s research series supporting public health around sugars and sat fat reduction, fibre enrichment, and plant-based protein.

Fibre – benefits beyond the gut

02 September 2020
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Company Stories
Fibre benefits beyond the gut
Did you know that our PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre has been shown to help the body absorb more calcium and our bones retain additional calcium? This is especially important for growing adolescents and women after menopause.

“They can feel it all over…”

27 August 2020
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Company Stories
Choir image
Introducing Tate & Lyle’s Global Choir, channelling Stevie Wonder during lockdown! With many colleagues currently working from home and missing out on important face-to-face contact, we’ve been finding ways to help our teams to stay connected outside of work meetings to keep spirits up, and create...

Achieving an A-grade Nutri-Score rating for protein bars

18 August 2020
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Case Study
Nutri-score rating logo over supermarket aisle
The Nutri-Score front-of-pack rating system is already in use in several European countries and set to be adopted more widely. With the German government having now also issued a recommendation that food and drink manufacturers use the Nutri-Score rating system on their product packaging, it has...
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