Applying ingredients

160 years of know how

Our portfolio of ingredients is vast; nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners, starches and fibre enrichment products – and we don’t just understand how individual ingredients work, but how they work together too.

This in-depth knowledge means we can tailor our systems to your products – giving them extraordinary texture, nutrition and functionality whilst preserving great taste.

Ingredients for tomorrow's consumers

Consumers constantly changing needs keep us on our toes and gives us our next big challenge. Our development teams are dedicated to responding to global trends such as:

  • Healthy living - consumers are seeking products that complement their personal health needs unique to their situation or time of life.

  • Clean label - recently ‘all-natural’ claims have given way to formulations made with simple and recognisable ingredients.

  • Quality of carbs - consumers are looking for ways to reduce the amount of sugar in their diets, but are torn between reducing sugar and maintaining taste.

  • Plant Power - consumer interest in plant-based products has increased as many look to make room for more non-meat or non-dairy products as part of a ‘flexitarian’ diet.

We intend to stay focused on our key areas of expertise, leading the way across these consumer trends and building on our success to drive growth for our own business, our customer’s business’ and our stakeholders’.

Helping our customers adapts to changing consumer needs
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From how we treat our partners to our global facilities, the highest possible quality is our aim.

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