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At Tate & Lyle, our global nutrition team is committed to raising the bar when it comes to evidence-based nutrition science and innovation, providing food and beverage companies with ingredients that help to address key public health challenges.

Our global nutrition team focuses on three areas:

Our research

We design, conduct, and interpret pre-clinical and clinical research to provide key scientific knowledge about our existing ingredients, and support the development of new ingredients.

Solutions for food and beverage customers

The Tate & Lyle Global Nutrition team, together with Regulatory and Scientific Affairs colleagues, work to address our customers’ needs.


We promote nutrition education and the science underpinning physiological function and the health benefits of our ingredients among our customers, health professionals, academic.
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Benefits of reformulating with fibre

Global shortfall in fibre intake

Dietary fibre provides a host of health benefits beyond supporting digestive health. Some fibres help keep blood glucose levels healthy, support weight management, prevent cardiovascular disease and enhance calcium absorption, which is essential for bone health. Yet, fibre intake in most countries is well below the national recommendation.

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