Helping to develop the “extra crunch” for fried chicken in APAC

Crunchy chicken dipped in sauce

A food service customer in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region was looking to launch a new chicken batter flour premix with an "extra crunch." They had evaluated several different starches before selecting Tate & Lyle's CMS Modified Tapioca Starch samples made in Thailand.

The customer tested the modified starch against their control and found that the REZISTA® Modified Tapioca Starch delivered superior crispiness and crunchiness in dry batter systems, which gave the customer a unique product with a significant "crunch" advantage over their standard range. Additionally, the application of these starches can help address the issue of "food waste" by prolonging the texture stability following frying for up to four hours.

Crunchiness of fried chicken graph

Texture is a critical component of the eating and drinking experience, with changing perceptions of food and beverages creating a more adventurous consumer with an appetite that goes beyond just taste. It is an influential part of food and beverage preference. Tate & Lyle's texturant solutions can help food and beverage manufacturers create innovative products that meet this demand for all-rounded sensory experiences.

Whether you're seeking solutions for gluten-free Japanese tempura batters, chicken Karaage, or spicy wings, Tate & Lyle's starches can deliver to your product needs. By partnering with us, food and beverage manufacturers can create unique and differentiated products that stand out in the marketplace, all while meeting the demand for healthier options.

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