Avenacare® Oat Beta Glucan

Avenacare® Oat Beta Glucan contains active oat beta glucan, for healthy looking skin and hair.

Introduction to Oat beta glucan
Also known as
Avenacare®, Oat beta glucan;

Avenacare® Oat Beta Glucan is derived from the oat bran of high quality, non-GMO Swedish oats through a patented process without chemical addition. The gentle formulation is the natural way to incorporate the power of oats into cosmetics and personal care products.

Avenacare®Oat Beta Glucan is a unique hypoallergenic and paraben-free formulation, the ideal ingredient for use in a variety of skin and hair care products.

Avenacare® Oat Beta Glucan is available globally
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Sale of oat ingredients business

Tate & Lyle has sold its oat ingredients business to Lantmännen.

During the transition period customers should continue to order from (and will be supplied by) Tate & Lyle.


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Avenacare® Oat Beta Glucan application areas

Avenacare® Oat Beta Glucan is a unique hypoallergenic and paraben-free formulation, the ideal ingredient for use in a variety of skin and hair care products.

Avenacare skincare

Avenacare® Oat Beta Glucan is a unique formulation, ideal in natural skin care products designed to soothe the skin, ease the effects of sun exposure or insect bites, and provide gentle relief for skin conditions that cause redness or discomfort. Avenacare® Oat Beta Glucan helps you develop a variety of sensitive products, including face-, hand- and body creams, lotions, and serums, face masks, shaving foams and sun-care products.

Avenacare haircare

Avenacare® Oat Beta Glucan nourishes the scalp and improves hair strength and combability. Its unique formulation works well in a variety of haircare products including conditioners, shampoos and leave-in serums.

How we apply Avenacare®

Avenacare® Oat Beta Glucan is supplied as a paraben-free preserved liquid. We remove insoluble fibre, protein and oil from the original oat bran fraction during the centrifugation procedure. The final product is a gently prepared solution of oat beta glucan, making it ideal for use in a variety of personal care products.

Avenacare® Oat Beta Glucan brings you the soothing effect of oats which is something consumers around the world understand and trust. Avenacare® Oat Beta Glucan is easy to formulate with and is applicable into a wider range of skin and haircare products.
Henrik Schmidt
Vice President and General Manager, Oat Ingredients
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