Understanding Sweeteners

90% of consumers say taste is their top purchase motivator.

Our portfolio of sweetening solutions can help to reduce sugar without sacrificing the sweetness that consumers enjoy. Many of our sweetening solutions offer more sweetness than sugar — and often none or only a fraction of the calories — so you can use less to achieve the same level of sweetness. Replacing sugar can also affect mouthfeel, bulk, texture, browning, and more, so the greatest challenge often lies in delivering a satisfying sensory experience consumers know and love.

Abigail Storms
The Tate & Lyle sweetener portfolio and combined solutions deliver on affordability, health and wellness, and most importantly the taste experience, to enable our customers’ goals for their products. Our expertise lies in developing innovative solutions with societal benefits. Nobody has a more comprehensive, educated and mindful approach to sweeteners.
Abigail Storms
Global Head of Sweeteners, Innovation & Commercial Development

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SPLENDA® Sucralose

Zero calorie sweetener – approx. 600X sweeter than sugar

SPLENDA® Sucralose tastes like sugar, without any unpleasant aftertaste and maintains its sweetness over a long shelf life.

PUREFRUIT® Monk Fruit Extract
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Natural, zero-calorie sweetener made from monk fruit

PUREFRUIT® Monk Fruit Extract provides an exceptionally clean, natural sweet taste and is 200X the sweetness of sugar with no bitter aftertaste.

TASTEVA® Stevia Sweetener
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Natural zero-calorie sweetener made from the stevia leaf

TASTEVA® Stevia Sweetener delivers a clean, sweet taste with no bitter aftertaste — even at higher usage levels.

TASTEVA® M Stevia Sweetener
Tasteva M Stevia sweetener

This premium stevia sweetener offering, Rebaudioside M, is produced from a stevia leaf extract, delivers zero-calorie sweetness and provides a taste that’s remarkably clean and sugar-like, without the bitterness or linger of conventional stevia sweeteners. TASTEVA® M can be used on its own or in combination with other sweetener solutions in our portfolio.

TASTEVA® D Stevia Sweetener
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Tasteva D® is a Rebaudioside D that has a clean, sugar-like taste profile and works well in combination with other steviol glycosides, allulose, erythritol and monkfruit. It offers high sugar replacement without the bitterness or lingering often found in conventional stevia sweeteners. 

TASTEVA® Sol Stevia Sweetener
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An internationally patent protected breakthrough in stevia technology, TASTEVA® Sol is a premium tasting stevia with over 200x the solubility of Reb M and D products on the market. TASTEVA® Sol solves for solubility challenges often found in beverage concentrates, dairy fruit preparations and sweet syrups, even at high sugar replacement levels.

KRYSTAR® Crystalline Fructose
Krystar crystalline fructose

Enhance taste with less. Slightly sweeter than sucrose.

KRYSTAR® Crystalline Fructose is a nutritive corn based sweetener. It offers a fast sweetness onset and a clean finish.

Stevia Solutions
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A plant-extracted sweetener, contributes zero calories, does not raise blood sugar and is 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar. 

Tate & Lyle has partnered with Sweet Green Fields Co. Ltd. to present a full profile of stevia solutions suitable for any application.


All the taste, all the functionality of sucrose with fewer than 10% of the calories

DOLCIA PRIMA® Allulose tastes and functions like sugar, but has over 90% fewer calories and is 70% as sweet as sugar.

Prima Flavour™ (allulose)

Prima Flavour™ acts as a flavour modifier when used at sub-sweetness levels. It has been shown to mask bitterness and enhance certain flavours.

Allulose occurs naturally in small quantities in foods ranging from fruit juice, tomato juice, figs and raisins to dried kiwi fruit, brown sugar and caramel sauce. In order to produce Prima Flavour™ (allulose) in commercial quantities it is produced from corn using an enzymatic process, without chemical addition.

Prima Flavour ™ (allulose) is FEMA GRAS for use as a flavoring in non-alcoholic beverages to decrease bitter notes, improve taste and flavour notes. 

No enzymes or other processing aids are present in the final product.  Prima Flavour™ (allulose) contains no preservatives, colour agents, carriers or artificial additives.

ZOLESSE™ Natural Flavour

This stevia-based product enables a clean, sweet taste and labels as natural flavour (per FDA definition), at an advantaged cost-in-use when compared with other glycosylated stevia extract flavors. ZOLESSE™ Natural Flavour works with stevia sweeteners and astringent flavors to reduce bitterness and linger, helping formulators to achieve the exact taste they need.

Offering selected dextrose equivalent and sugar composition, our liquid and dry sweeteners are ideal for use in bakery applications. Adding bulk, body and optimum sweetness to cakes, biscuits and pastries, our sweeteners also have fermentable and control rheological properties, so can also boost the browning reaction of crusts and biscuits when controlled colour development is needed.

From soft drinks to juice drinks and isotonic water, our portfolio of sweeteners offers effectiveness and flexibility across a diverse range of beverage products. They can be used as brewing sugars, alone as a single ingredient solution or in combination with other sweeteners to reduce calories, provide intense sweetness and to reinforce fruity flavours in fruit juices, nectars and soft drinks.

Our sweeteners can be used to add sweetness to coatings and can contribute to the gloss and sheen of your breakfast cereal range.

From boiled sweets, caramels, jellies and gums to marshmallows, chewing gum, fondant, marzipan and fillings, our diverse range of sweeteners are ideal for use in confectionery. Our fructose and glucose syrups enhance fruity flavours and improve chewiness in hard-boiled sweets, gums, jellies and liquorice.

Our nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners are ideal for use in your ice cream, desserts, yoghurt and fermented dairy products. Enhancing scoopability and sweetness in ice cream, they improve softness and re-crystallisation rates in creamy or delicate fruit flavours, and can also be used to give yoghurts a great taste, and improved mouthfeel. Sucralose is the ideal ingredient for puddings and custards, helping to create low calorie versions of consumer favourites without impacting taste or sweetness.

Our sweetening ingredients offer cost effective solutions in your soups, sauces and dressings applications, and can also be used with a combination of other ingredients for their bulking properties.

Providing a range of binding characteristics, our sweetening ingredients can improve chewiness and sweetness in your cereal bars and are also very effective in helping improve sweetness levels in low-calorie and low-sugar snack bar alternatives.

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Tried and tested ingredients

The quality and nutritional benefits of our ingredients are backed up by extensive research and close working relationships between Tate & Lyle, scientists and academics. Not only do we understand the ingredients themselves, but also how they work together, so can offer you the critical support you need in developing world-class products.

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New ex-vivo research on LNCS finds beneficial or no impact on the gut

We recently partnered with Cryptobiotix, pioneers in preclinical gastrointestinal research, on a breakthrough ex-vivo study to explore the potential impact of certain low and no calorie sweeteners on the gut in both healthy individuals and those with type 2 diabetes. 

Stevia Sweetener Matcher

Stevia solutions that work for you

Our stevia-based sweetening solutions overcome the bittersweet challenges associated with stevia, and deliver the taste and mouthfeel consumers want.

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Sugar and Calorie Reduction Solutions

Tate & Lyle's sugar & calorie reduction solutions can make your foods and beverages extraordinary.

Latest Sweetener Insights

Latest Sweetener Insights

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