Tate & Lyle: Texture science key as demand for healthier and plant-based products grows

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Texture scientists and industry formulators joined Tate & Lyle’s inaugural European texture event to discuss balancing taste, texture and nutrition for consumers seeking a healthier, more plant-based diet



Lübeck, Germany – 19 March 2019 – Tate & Lyle PLC (Tate & Lyle), a leading global provider of food and beverage ingredients and solutions,

recently hosted its inaugural European meeting of texture scientists. Technical representatives from food producers from across Europe attended texture innovation seminars led by Tate & Lyle scientists and leading texture experts, which were held at the Company’s application centre in Lübeck, Germany.
The seminars in Lübeck provided an opportunity for attendees to discuss the latest starch science and understand how Tate & Lyle’s TEXTURE VANTAGE® Expert Systems, its suite of texture selection tools, are enabling companies to innovate in line with consumer trends. Using Tate & Lyle’s texture maps, for instance, formulators are able to predict how different starches will impact on viscosity, processing and sensory characteristics, helping them to accelerate product development and reduce the need for extensive consumer trials.
Alongside Tate & Lyle application and research and development experts, the event featured a highly respected speaker line-up of academics, including Claire Rossi, PhD, University of Technology – Compiègne, France, and Christian Sina, MD, University of Lübeck, Germany. In addition to the seminars, attendees toured the Lübeck Application Centre and joined texture innovation workshops focussed on soups, sauces and dressings applications.
Dr Judy Whaley, Senior Vice President of Research & Development at Tate & Lyle, commented:

"One of the key consumer trends in the European market today is the boom in plant-based foods. ‘Vegan’ and ‘vegetarian’ products are the fastest growing new product claims1. This, together with the ‘rise and rise’ of clean-label2 and increasing consumer demand for reduced fat, sugar and calorie products3, means food formulators are grappling with how to deliver functionality with alternative ingredients. 
“Texture is one of the most difficult functionalities to get right. As producers push the boundaries of innovation and use less familiar ingredients, they have a greater need for texture design tools and insights that can predict product and ingredient performance and reduce development time. The demand for this support, and the need for the exchange of ideas and knowledge, will only increase over time, and that is why we bring manufacturers and leading experts together at events such as this.” 
Innovate with Texturants

Tate & Lyle offers an award-winning, comprehensive portfolio of texturants featuring speciality clean-label starches, customised food systems and selected gums, all of which have functional properties to create a variety of food experiences that consumers expect.
Tate & Lyle starches can help manufacturers create vegan dressings with a creamy texture, cakes that don’t crumble, and low fat sauces, with simple ingredients that offer an indulgent eating experience.

In addition, Tate & Lyle application experts can help manufacturers choose the right food starches to extend shelf life, improve tolerance during processing or even eliminate a cooking step. To help formulators around the world learn about texture science, Tate & Lyle has recently launched the Texture University webinar series. This is the first series of its kind designed by scientists, for scientists. 
Tate & Lyle’s next webinar ‘Cook-up Thickeners – Solutions Made Easy’ is on Tuesday 19 March 2019. Find out more or register for free here. 
To learn more about Tate & Lyle texturants and how they can help make food extraordinary, visit https://www.tateandlyle.com/our-expertise/texturants

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1. Over the past five years, launches with plant-based claims (vegan/no animal product, vegetarian) have almost doubled (+93%), becoming the fastest growing on-pack claim in Europe, with France, Germany, Netherlands and UK leading growth. (Source: Mintel)

2. Europe has the most clean label product launches of any region and has done since 2014. The region is keeping pace with global growth (+9% five year CAGR). (Source: Mintel)

3. Tate & Lyle online survey found that adult consumers in Europe, Middle East and Africa are trying to eat less sugar (-56%), fat (-54%) and calories (-43%). (Source: Tate & Lyle, conducted by Qualtrics in 2015-6, based on 4,800 participants)

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