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Tate & Lyle helps me make my day!  

Lady eating breakfast

I was the first in the shower for once, so I had time to sit down and read the paper while the coffee brewed and the kids trickled downstairs in their pyjamas.

I also had time for a proper breakfast – toast with jam, some yoghurt, and a bowl of cereal – before getting in the car for work. A bit naughty: I left the washing up for Tom.

Another busy day – they are redesigning the office, and I had to finish and print off this year’s annual report in time for tonight’s post. Barely time to grab  soup for lunch and pop to the chemists to fetch Jamie’s prescription - but made it in the end.

And I was out of the office in time to go home, give the kids a pizza and get my face ready for Jane’s birthday get-together- great cake with ice cream. Jane’s new job sounds good – she’s working for Tate & Lyle!

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