Savoury Ingredients

Understanding Savoury Ingredients

It can be difficult balancing delicious and delicate savoury ingredients when creating a product that must deliver on both taste and flavour. Our specialist ingredients provide a variety of savoury options to enhance flavour in your applications that are also cost effective, high quality and safe. These ingredients are ideal for use in a range of products, to provide a rich, meaty flavour in your seasonings and condiments, dressings and dressing mixes, frozen foods, ready-made meals, jerky, gravy mixes, stuffing products, spreads, marinades, prepared salads, rice flavour packets and soups.

With over 60 years of expertise in Hydrolysed Vegetable Proteins, our breadth of experience and wide ranging portfolio of savory flavor enhancers are sure to make Tate & Lyle your ingredient partner of choice.
Ken Erickson
VP Acidulants.
We Understand your Challenges

Finding savoury options to enhance flavour across your applications can be challenging, especially if at significant cost savings. Our higher functionality Savoury ingredients are a stable and reliable choice, offering the ideal solution for your flavour requirements.

Understanding our Savoury Ingredients

VI-ZATE™ Spray Dried Hydrolysed Protein Powders offer a well-rounded flavour profile, ideal for use in your dry-blended product portfolio.

VI-ZATE™ Spray Dried Hydrolysed Protein Powders can be used to enhance rich and meaty flavours in a range of products, including roast beef, chicken broth, gravy and pizza toppings.

STALEY® Soy Sauce Concentrates and Liquid Hydrolysed Proteins can be used in a range of sauces, marinades and table sauces.

STALEY® Liquid Hydrolyzed Proteins provide a meaty background flavour in condiments, such as Worcestershire sauce, liquid seasonings, and barbeque sauce.