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Webinar: Sweetener University™ module 1 – Sweetener Fundamentals

22 July 2020
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Sweetener University module 1
Choosing the right sweetener solution can be a long, difficult process because it requires high-level expertise to effectively replace sugar, while maintaining a great taste experience. That’s why we have created Sweetener University™, the first online sweetener-based scientific program of its kind...

Tate & Lyle launches new SWEETENER VANTAGE™ sweetener solution design tools

20 July 2020
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Iced tea drink with sweetener
15 July 2020, London, UK: Tate & Lyle PLC (Tate & Lyle), a leading global provider of food and beverage solutions and ingredients, is pleased to announce the launch of SWEETENER-VANTAGE™ Expert Systems, a set of new and innovative sweetener solution design tools, together with an education programme...

What is Nutri-Score and why should food and drink manufacturers work towards better ratings?

17 July 2020
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Trends and insights
What is Nutri-Score? Nutri-Score is a food rating system used in a number of European countries that shows the nutritional value of a food or drink. The rating goes from A (dark green) to E (dark orange), with A being the best score and E the lowest. The rating must be displayed clearly on the front...

Experience the extraordinary with Tate & Lyle at SHIFT20 in July

13 July 2020
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SHIFT20 IFT event
For several years, we’ve played an active part in the Institute of Food Technologists’ (IFT) annual meeting and Food Expos, and we’re delighted to be doing so again this year, with one difference…

A look inside the sports nutrition market – what are the latest consumer trends?

03 July 2020
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Trends and insights
Cyclist drinking a sports nutrition beverage
Market Insights – July 2020. What counts as a sports nutrition product? Sports nutrition products are those which are designed to improve athletic performance, support muscle growth and/or aid recovery after exercise. They come in various forms, such as snack bars, shakes or powders, and can be...

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