Consumer Research 

We stay tuned to what people want now – and might want tomorrow – so you’re ready to surprise them with extraordinary products.

Ladies looking at food labelling in a shop

Our ongoing research tracks consumers’ views on particular ingredients 

Unlike many ingredients manufacturers, we do our own consumer research. It’s how we ensure our ingredients are the right ones to keep our customers one step ahead.

Through our regular research programme, we:

• Measure consumers’ views on particular ingredients
• Get their opinions on the latest trends
• Analyse their dietary habits
• Understand their attitudes towards healthy food for themselves and their families.

We also investigate how consumers respond to new products, and the factors that attract and deter them, whether it’s an ingredient or a health claim.

We’re not the same everywhere

It’s easy to talk of global trends, but there are considerable cultural and economic variations between regions. We conduct on-the-ground research in the regions where we operate, to gain the insights necessary for tailoring our solutions.

OPTIMIZE™- giving customers more for less

OPTIMIZE®- giving customers more for less

To help our customers, we need to think about what their customers want. Unsurprisingly, our market research shows that consumers are seeking quality at lower prices – which is why we launched our OPTIMIZE™ platform across Europe in 2009.

OPTIMIZE™ showcases the sweetening and texturising products developed by our application experts to help customers cut costs – products like CREAMIZ™, a starch designed to reduce fat while enhancing creaminess and texture, which also cuts production costs for food manufacturers.

“CREAMIZ™ can reduce the fat content of products by up to 30 per cent, without compromising on taste or mouthfeel, and without having to add another ingredient to the product label since it is simply a modified starch,” says Clotilde Feuillade, Product Manager for Texturants, Europe. “With consumers’ increasing interest in a balanced diet and cost savings, products like CREAMIZ™ give our customers an advantage.”

Proof of the puddings – how our consumer research helps customers

Proof of the puddings – how our consumer research helps customers

“It is ideal to be able to say to customers: ‘We’ve developed this prototype because consumers have told us that they want higher fibre, lower fat’,” says Anne Barry, Marketing Officer, Europe.

Tate & Lyle was one of the first ingredient manufacturers to ask consumers what they are looking for in the products they buy. Anne says hearing directly from shoppers drives research and helps market existing ingredients. “Online surveys are becoming increasingly important, and we are using them more and more, along with traditional focus groups.  In each country in Europe we are developing a strong and robust enough sample to be able to analyse the national results while identifying wider trends – for instance, in Europe, people think they lack fibre in their diets.”

An ‘ingredient perception study’ Anne led in 2009 has already driven new product lines. “We are promoting a new prototype breakfast cereal – and we know consumers want it.”