Tate & Lyle makes one of the world’s leading high-intensity sweeteners: sucralose, a no-calorie sweetener made from sugar. The process by which ordinary granulated sugar is converted to sucralose intensifies the sweetness of the sugar while retaining its taste and making it free of calories.

The process 

Sucralose is manufactured by a proprietary, patented process developed by Tate & Lyle, and uses ordinary granulated sugar, similar to that used in the home, as the starting material.

Sucralose is technically a chlorinated carbohydrate, and it is made by selectively replacing three hydroxyl groups on the sugar molecule with three chlorine atoms. There are multiple locations on the sugar molecule where hydroxyl groups can be replaced. The trick for making sucralose, to get the best taste, highest levels of purity and the best yield, is to ensure that the sugar molecule is chlorinated in very specific locations only. This is where Tate & Lyle’s 30 years experience of making sucralose gives us the edge.

Our specially-developed, fourth-generation manufacturing process has been perfected to optimise the yield of sucralose with a very high purity level. Not only do we meet the regulatory minimum purity level, we go way beyond it. We have developed a series of patented extraction and purification procedures which, combined with continuous testing and computer monitoring of the product during the process, enable us to manufacture sucralose to a very high level of purity.

Environmental impact
The environmental credentials of our sucralose manufacturing operations are second to none. Through a programme of continuous process development we are making year-on-year efficiency gains in both energy and water use. We have also developed world-leading waste treatment systems to make our water effluent as clean as possible. At the very minimum we meet, and always aim to exceed, all local environmental requirements.

Laboratory equipment


SPLENDA® Sucralose

SPLENDA® Sucralose

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