Tate & Lyle has no higher priority than safety.

We will not make, handle, use, transport or dispose of any product unless we can do it safely.

Lockout-tagout tags

Our lockout-tagout system helps ensure the safety of everyone working on a piece of equipment 

It’s a way of life for us, and we extend that to everyone who comes to our sites – not just employees and contractors, but customers and other visitors also.

Just one accident or injury is one too many. Our target is zero. Day in, day out, we focus on safety performance and the elimination of risks.

You can download our Health and Safety Policy below:

Managing safely

Reducing the hazards of Hazmat

Reducing the hazards of Hazmat

“It’s all about protecting ourselves, then taking care of the problem,” says Jim Stewart, Plant Coordinator at our Lafayette Sagamore site in the US. “In my earlier career, I was, unfortunately, involved in some real chemical spills. Frequent training is critical so that things like suiting up in special gear and using specialized tools for different chemical spills become automatic for the team.”

Tate & Lyle is focusing on making sure incidents involving hazardous materials, or Hazmat, don’t occur. But we are also training so we can deal with the unexpected, and Jim leads a special Hazmat response team through four practice sessions a year at the Sagamore plant. “The training sessions require total commitment from all 52 members of the Hazmat team in responding,” Jim adds. “Our team members really care about what we are doing, and are great about giving feedback on improvements we can make.”