Board of directors 

The Board comprises:

  • Chairman
  • Chief Executive
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Ten independent non-executive directors

The names and biographical details of each director are available here.

The Board is collectively responsible for promoting the success of the Company and for providing entrepreneurial leadership within a framework of prudent and effective controls that enable risk to be assessed and managed. It sets the Company's objectives and ensures that the necessary financial and human resources are in place to enable them to be met, and reviews management performance. The Board also sets the Company's values and standards and ensures that its obligations to shareholders and others are understood and met.

The Board has a schedule of matters reserved to it for its decision. This schedule is reviewed annually and includes approval of:

  • Group strategy;
  • annual budget and operating plans;
  • major capital expenditure, acquisitions or divestments;
  • annual and half-year financial results and interim management statements;
  • safety and environmental policies;
  • Board and Company Secretary appointments;
  • senior management structure, responsibilities and succession plans;
  • treasury policies;
  • directors' conflicts of interest;
  • system of internal control and risk management; and
  • dividend policy.


Board Committees
Other responsibilities are delegated to Board Committees, which operate within defined terms of reference which are reviewed annually by the Board and are available on this website or from the Company Secretariat at the registered office. The Committees are supported by the services of the Company Secretariat and, if deemed necessary, can obtain independent professional advice at the Company's expense. The Company Secretary is Secretary to each Board Committee.


Board Committee Membership


Director Audit
Corporate Responsibility Committee
Javed Ahmed - Yes -
Liz Airey Yes - Yes -
William Camp - Yes Yes Yes*
Paul Forman Yes Yes Yes -
Lars Frederiksen - Yes Yes Yes
Sir Peter Gershon - - Yes* Yes
Nick Hampton - - - -
Douglas Hurt Yes* - Yes Yes
Jeanne Johns - Yes Yes Yes
Anne Minto Yes Yes* Yes -
Dr Gerry Murphy - - Yes Yes
Dr Ajai Puri - Yes Yes Yes
Sybella Stanley Yes - Yes -

* denotes Chairperson

Terms of Reference
The current Terms of Reference for the four principal Board Committees of Tate & Lyle PLC are given below:

Audit Committee

Nominations Committee

Remuneration Committee

Corporate Responsibility Committee