Food Stabiliser Systems

Stabilisers and Functional Systems

We understand that product optimisation is key to your success. Our tailor-made stabiliser solutions help bring exciting new food products to market quickly and successfully. Whether you want to upgrade your existing lines or bring pioneering new concepts to market, we can help you develop the perfect formulation for your customers.

Understanding stabilisers and functional systems 

The applications of stabilisers and functional systems are diverse and demand a deep understanding and tailored approach. Using detailed modeling to create customised systems, we deliver functional ingredients that define the texture, viscosity, consistency and organoleptic qualities that give your brand the edge.

Development of stabiliser systems is not about delivering off-the-shelf solutions. It is about creating tailor-made solutions for customers taking into account their unique requirements, technology, and recipe.
Sven Tiedemann
Team Leader, Research & Development

By drawing on our extensive range of tested and documented raw materials, we combine ingredients to develop customised solutions that give the precise functionality customers require. Our recipe management service is also available to provide customers with production and product advice designed to reduce costs and maintain quality.

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Food Stabiliser Systems case studies

Food Stabiliser Systems case studies

Explore our stabiliser know how

Acts as a thickening agent, an emulsifier, a protective colloid or a processing aid. Systems generally contain a combination of hydrocolloids (polysacharides and proteins), emulsifiers and salts.

Cakes, drinks, fillings, jellies, marmalades, puddings, milk products, ice-cream, soups, sauces, fine food, dietetic and low-calorie foods.

Used as stabilisers and emulsifiers for ‘clean label’ products. Systems are made exclusively from proteins.

Acidified milk products (quarg /yoghurt), dessert, dips and dressings, meat products, milk drinks, sauces.

Used to adjust pH value to preserve colour in a range of products. Systems are made from various organic and inorganic salts or acid regulators.

Acidified milk products (quarg/yoghurt), cream products, fine food products, fruit and vegetable products, neutral milk dessert products.

This stabiliser system range is the result of innovative processing technology. They can incorporate any of the functional features of the other food systems with very special improvements in performance.

Ice-cream, meat products, milk products, ready-to-serve meals, sauces.

Used as a thickener and stabiliser to meet the specific needs of food producers.

Acidic milk products, dips, salad creams and fine foods, soups, sauces, gravies, convenience foods, meat products, dessert, whipping creams, puddings, custards, ice-creams, confectionery, products, fruit preparations for dairy and bakery products.

Offered as customised systems with a PLUS of a flavour system. 

Milk based dairy products, bakery products, meats and delicatessen foods, fruit preparations and soups and sauces.

Acts as a thickening agent in your product range, without adding any calories to the final product.

Cream cheese, dairy desserts, ice cream and condiments.

These systems act as stabilisers and thickeners that are developed to decrease the steps in your product manufacturing process.

Powdered milk and chocolate drinks, jams and fruit toppings, yoghurts and dairy products, processed meats and cheeses, juices, breads, biscuits and cakes and in traditional Brazilian milk caramel spread.

These systems are mixtures prepared with stabilising and thickening agents, to improve the viscosity, appearance, stability and texture of your product line.

High quality powder mixes, such as in UHT milk, chocolate powder mix, modified powdered milk, cappuccino drink powder and in soft drinks. These systems can also be used in a variety of dairy, fruit preparations and processed meat and cheese products.

Developing products that will develop your business

We have over 60 years’ experience in meeting with food and beverage requirements from our customers around the world. Our expertise has helped us to provide ingredient solutions for diverse food applications, technical environments and markets, providing us with a depth of insight that makes us unique in our industry.

Our focus remains on you, our customers, helping you to develop food and beverages your consumers’ love. We understand the challenges that you face when positioning your products for market. Whether it's reducing costs or cleaning up labelling, we can help make it happen.

Our special stabiliser and functional food systems expertise helps us to meet your clearly defined functional requirements for your product range. From “clean(er) label” to “free-from” egg, wheat and more – our solutions never compromise on quality.

Get to know our Global Food Systems Innovation Centre

In May 2016, Tate & Lyle’s Food Systems facility in Lübeck was refocused as a site dedicated exclusively to innovation, applications and solutions expertise for customers of its global Food Systems business.

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