FRIMULSION® Stabiliser Systems

FRIMULSION® Stabiliser Systems generally contain a combination of hydrocolloids, proteins, emulsifiers, and/or salts.

Introduction to FRIMULSION® Stabiliser Systems
Also known as
Food stabiliser systems, food stabilizer systems, hydrocolloid combinations, emulsifying and thickening agent, processing aid, hydrocolloids, emulsifiers, proteins, texturants
FRIMULSION Stabiliser Systems

FRIMULSION® stabiliser systems represent a range of customised combinations of high quality hydrocolloids, emulsifiers, proteins and/or salts. These systems can act as a thickening or gelling agent, an emulsifying component, processing aid or protein protector – meeting with specific food and beverage product demands. FRIMULSION® Stabiliser Systems are customised to meet the specific needs of your ice cream, fruit preparations, meat and fish based products.

FRIMULSION® Stabiliser Systems is available globally
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FRIMULSION® Stabiliser Systems provide highly functional properties, helping create creamy melting sensations, and new textures and tastes in ice cream products.

FRIMULSION® Stabiliser Systems can be used in dips and dressings; dairy based products  including yoghurt, cream cheese, fruit mousse, fruit compote, bakery and dessert toppings; or simply as part of your beverages and smoothies portfolio.

FRIMULSION® Stabiliser Systems can help reduce meat juice losses or improve adhesion in vegetarian and cheese based sausages. They enable a good sliceability, provide greater elasticity and freeze-thaw stability.


FRIMULSION® Food Stabiliser Systems can be applied in canned fish products, fish fingers, fish cakes, fish-based spreads, and in fish-based toppings.

How we apply FRIMULSION® Stabiliser Systems

FRIMULSION® Stabiliser Systems are safe, robust, and highly functional, tailor-made to meet your unique product requirements, helping you bring new and exciting food products to market quickly and successfully. FRIMULSION® Stabiliser Systems are not only designed to ensure the ideal texture of products on the shelf, they can also help you achieve that ideal texture by more efficient processing.

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