Webinar: Texture University™ module 7 - Solving Starch Stability Challenges in Food Systems


Starch stability is a critical attribute of foods that can effect taste and mouthfeel across categories, from soups and sauces, to bakery fillings, to dairy products. When combining complex ingredients such as salts and sugars in food product, starch stability in formulations often change.

Texture University module 7

Module seven of our popular Texture University™ curriculum launches on Wednesday 4 November 2020, looking at the root cause of starch instability and how to avoid issues like:

  • Graininess in gravies and sauces after frozen storage
  • Bakery filling weeping after refrigeration
  • Separated yogurt with excess syneresis

Learn how your formulation can influence the stability of starch; as well as how to successfully overcome additional challenges that trends such as reduced sugar and clean label add to product development.

Discover the sensory science behind evaluating the stability in foods: Register here!

With a curriculum designed by scientists for scientists, Texture University is the only starch-based programme of its kind. This module will be presented by our own experts, Dr Sophia Pai, VP Applications & Technical Service, North America, alongside Principal Scientist Dr Zheng You, Innovation and Commercial Development.

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