Sustainable Agriculture

Our work in sustainable agriculture

As we source more corn than any other agricultural raw material, we wanted to support growers as they work to improve their environmental stewardship. In 2018, we partnered with Truterra™ (formerly Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN), the sustainable solutions business of America’s largest farmer-owned cooperative, to develop a sustainable agriculture programme that uses cutting-edge technology to enable farmers to more effectively target and measure the impact of efforts to protect the environment.

This first-of-its-kind programme began as a pilot in 2018, with 310,000 acres of corn in the U.S. Midwest enrolled in our sustainability programme with Truterra™. In September 2019, we expanded this coverage to 1.5 million acres, representing the amount of corn we buy globally each year.

As an active member of Field to Market, we are proud to have the largest registered continuous improvement project to date. Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture, is a US-based collaboration extending throughout the agricultural value chain focused on providing opportunities for continuous improvement in environmental outcomes.

Anna Pierce
We are committed to supporting 1.5 million acres and are focusing our efforts in building partnerships with members of the value chain and key stakeholders to support growers as they continue their conservation journey. We are incredibly encouraged by these early results and will continue to share results as the programme matures.
Anna Pierce
Director of Sustainability
The Sustainable Agriculture Shared Impact Dinner
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