Asian Dip

The Challenge: Create a delicious, authentic textural experience for an Asian dip innovation.​


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Dips can add a different dimension to a product experience and our customer was looking for a new dip innovation that gave people an authentic experience of Asian food, but that worked within the confines of their product line, requiring it to be stable in ambient or chilled conditions with no water losses afterfreeze-thaw-cycle(s).​ ​ Having reviewed together global food trends we were able to define the right product characteristics, conduct tasting sessions and working with the Tate & Lyle Service team recommend the right textural solutions for the product trial.​ ​


Process snapshot:

  • Working in partnership with our customer to explore global texture and sensorial trends.​
  • Identifying the right sensorial attributes and aligning these with our customer’s processing needs.​
  • Facilitating tastings sessions to create the optimal trial product.​ ​
  • Sharing recommended recipes and samples for test trials.



The solution we identified was a fruit dip range that could provide a sweet & sour taste, authentic transparent and glossy appearance, with an Asian-style texture developed to successfully coat dippers.​ ​ The selected starches enabled unique taste, colour and strong viscosity as well as long shelf-life stability when stored at ambient or chilled temperature. It also ensured there was no syneresis after freeze-thaw-cycle(s).​ ​

A combination of both our trend, market and application expertise, coupled with our ability to provide base recipes and pilot production, enabled us to accelerate the innovation process.​ ​ ​ ​


Ingredient snapshot:​ ​

  • REZISTA® Tapioca starch​ - great viscosity and gelling properties, key to dips and sauces,​ clean taste and color​, high process resistant and stability,​ freeze thaw resistant​, translucent color, and ideal for gloss, richness and dippability for sauces​



People want to access more diverse, more culturally authentic and sensorial food experiences everyday. We are connected to the latest global trends and can understand how to authentically recreate recipes.​ By keeping our customer’s formulation and processing needs at the heart of our development, we can make new food experiences accessible and exciting for everyone.​ ​


Consumer insight​ ​

  • Expect an emphasis in global flavours: “Even if you don’t venture farther than a nearby restaurant in 2024, exciting new flavors from around the world will be at the other end of your fork.”1​ ​
  • In the UK, 67% of consumers agree that eating world cuisine foods is a fun way to "travel through food²​ ​
  • 37% of US consumers are more likely to try a new product or dish if it has Asian flavors or ingredient
  • In the United States, 64% of Millennials have tried Korean barbecue sauces, and 75% are interested in trying them⁴​




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