Webinar: Stabiliser University™ module 4 – Formulating Multiphase Systems​


Simplify multiphase systems with functionality and the return of Stabiliser University™ on Wednesday 22 June with module 4 of the interactive webinar series - entirely focused on the world of stabiliser science. ​

Stabiliser Uni 4

From luscious, refreshing ice cream to creamy mayonnaise that refines any sandwich, formulating complex foods with multiphase systems can be daunting for even the most experienced food scientist. This type of formulating comes with its own unique challenges and knowing how to approach them is the key to success. Join us for an in-depth review of formulating multiphase systems. We’ll build on the one-dimensional aspects of stabilisation covered in previous Stabiliser University™ modules, such as thickening and gelation, for a more holistic perspective on the different interactions of stabilising components. ​

Our fourth module of Stabiliser University™ titled Stabiliser Solutions – Formulating Multiphase Systems will take place on Wednesday, June 22 at 9 am CDT and registration is free to customers and all Tate & Lyle employees. Our presenters, Olaf Kohnke, FBS T&A Europe SSD and Sven Tiedemann, SFS Global Ingredient Technology Manager will provide an overview on the science of multiphase systems, how the interaction in multiphases work and conclude the session by diving into a real-life example by deconstructing a Vegan Pizza to explore each of its components – pizza dough, sauce, vegan cheese and plant-based meat alternative – and their multiphase systems. ​

Attendees will discover:​

  • How to approach the formulation of simple two-phase systems, such as mayonnaise, as well as more complex multiphase systems, like mousse​
  • How to view multiphase systems holistically in order to address the challenges of each phase ​
  • What to be aware of, regarding the drivers of stability and instability in multiphase systems​
  • How to properly stabiliser multiphase systems to create new and novel, trending textures in food and beverages​

With a rich history of stabilisation expertise dating back to the mid-1800's, and leveraged expertise and research presented by our scientists, Stabiliser University™ is your chance to learn more, ask questions, and solve your toughest stabiliser formulation questions! The programme was created by scientists, for scientists.​

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