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In a global, consumer-led business, like Tate & Lyle, diversity at all levels is a pre-requisite to making our company fit for the long-term future, by ensuring that our employees reflect the customers and communities we serve. This approach applies to the Board too. 

The Board of Tate & Lyle recognises the importance and value of Board diversity. It recognises that diversity includes but is not limited to differences of thought, knowledge, skill, experience, age, gender, disability, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, social, cultural and geographic backgrounds. 

The Board of Tate & Lyle believes that the overall composition of our Board and its committees is fundamental to its effectiveness. We expect all members and potential members to demonstrate the skills, insight, experience and knowledge required to contribute to this effectiveness. We believe that the right mix of diversity can and will enhance our perspective and approach. 

The Board will consider overall Board balance and diversity, in addition to the right skills and experience, when appointing new directors in order to ensure that we maintain, at least 40% women, 40% men and two directors of minority ethnic representation.  

When the Board considers new appointments to the Remuneration and Audit Committees it takes into consideration all dimensions of diversity along with the right skills and experience required to serve effectively on those committees.  

All non-executive directors are members of our Nominations Committee. 

The Board is committed to using executive search firms which qualify under the FTSE Women Leaders Enhanced Code of Conduct. 


Approved by the Board on 27th March 2024



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