Success in the long term is about coming up with the winning products of tomorrow. And that requires a mindset of constant enquiry and a relentless search for how to do things better.

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Our customers come to us because they know that creating new, profitable products requires world-class ideas and innovation in ingredients, food applications and process technology. And, because people’s tastes vary from country to country, it’s also about local knowledge. Through our research centres in the USA, France, Germany, the UK, Australia, Singapore, India and China, our R&D team combines the best of the global and the local. 

We also get the best from outside Tate & Lyle through our open innovation process. We always look for great ‘win-win’ partnerships and some of our leading ingredients, SPLENDA® Sucralose for example, have come from a collaboration between us and an external partner. In today’s fast-moving world, ideas don’t just come from internal specialists – bringing in the right external idea can bypass several years of development time, helping us and our partners bring the best new products to market more quickly.

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 The Tate & Lyle way
Our customers get the benefit of the combined strengths of our people, our labs and technology and our pilot plants, while working closely with a team that understands their market and consumers. Wherever you work with us, you’ll find the same core qualities and beliefs.

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  • Technical expertise and facilities - we’ll help you develop the latest products, with processes that will work.
  • Knowledge of ingredients - access our deep understanding of ingredients, which we use to create ideal recipes for any scenario.
  • Technical services - your development partner at Tate & Lyle.
  • Consumer research - develop the products of tomorrow by using our research to understand what consumers want.
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    Manufacturing excellence

    DuPont Tate & Lyle – an energy-saving partnership

    DuPont Tate & Lyle – an energy-saving partnership

    Corn is a completely ‘renewable’ resource. Turning it into products previously made from petro-chemicals can be good for the environment – and for business.

    Our 50:50 joint venture with DuPont in Loudon, US, uses corn sugar to make the multi-purpose monomer propanediol, or PDO – which favourably competes with rivals relying on a petro-chemical process.

    “Our Bio-PDO™ is 100 per cent renewable – it has a unique place in the market, because nobody else is making it on a commercial scale with a biological process,” says Pete Castelli, who is Vice President, Law and Compliance, and one of two Tate & Lyle directors on the joint venture’s board. “We have done a ‘life-cycle’ analysis – and our method uses 40 per cent less energy than petro-chemical production.”

    The joint venture sells the Bio-PDO™ directly as Zemea™ – used in cosmetics and detergents; and Susterra™ – an agent in de-icers. DuPont also uses it to make the carpet and clothing textile, Sorona®.

    Open Innovation