MIRA-GEL® Starch

MIRA-GEL® Instant Starch adds quick-thickening and gel setting benefits to your formulations.

Introduction to MIRA-GEL® Instant Starch
Also known as
MIRA-GEL®, granular instant starch

MIRA-GEL® Starch is a cold-water-swelling, granular starch that differs significantly from the traditional pregelatinised starches commonly used in “instant mix” food products. This unique starch hydrates in water at ambient temperatures, first forming a thick, smooth consistency and setting to a resilient, colloidal gel structure. 

MIRA-GEL® Starch can be used conventionally as an “instant” starch in certain applications, but its real value to the manufacturer is in the unique properties that it offers. Primarily, it forms gels at room temperatures, which are similar to those produced from cooked starches and/or other heat processed gelling agents or gums.

MIRA-GEL® Starch is available globally

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MIRA-GEL® Instant Starch application areas

MIRA-GEL® Instant Starch helps you maintain quality and texture across a wide range of applications. Its unique gel functionality and water holding capacity are ideal for use in your food and beverage formulations.

Ideal for dough machinability and controlled spread and symmetry in baking, MIRA-GEL® Starch can also be used in demouldable dessert preparation. It can be used in your bread products with added grains, nutritive ingredients or texture modifiers, building structure and water holding capacity while maintaining texture.

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MIRA-GEL® Starch provides viscosity, texture and mouthfeel in your hot cereal products. It is a cost effective alternative to guar gum.

MIRA-GEL® Starch provides consistency and structure in low moisture formulations, without the need for high temperature cooking. It can replace high-amylose starch in your confectionery, offering better clarity and gelatin-like functionality, and lower costs too.

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Ideal for reducing dough stickiness in your snack applications, MIRA-GEL® Starch also works as a processing aid along with other starches.

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