Our Strategy: Customers at the core


Our strategy is to deliver top-line growth and margin expansion in Food & Beverage Solutions. This excerpt from our 2022 Annual Report outlines how we do this by delivering our strategic growth framework which, in turn, unlocks customer growth.


We have been executing this framework over the last three years and will accelerate its delivery now that we are a growth-focused business specialising in food and beverage solutions. The framework is based on four pillars, with serving our customers at its core.

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Investment case from AR22

Our ingredients and solutions add specific functionality, nutrition and health benefits to our customers’ products. We work in partnership with our customers to develop new products, and reformulate existing ones, to make food and drink healthier and still taste great.

It sounds simple, but it’s far more complicated than just swapping one ingredient for another. Taste, texture, mouthfeel, shelf-life, stability – all these have to be taken into account when reformulating food and beverages in our global network of labs, which we call Customer Innovation and Collaboration Centres.

Taste is inherently local, which means that food and beverages also need to be adapted to different regions and countries. Our portfolio of sweeteners, starches, fibres and stabilisers, combined with our technical expertise in key categories, help us deliver solutions for customers in their local markets. In particular, our customers come to us for our leading expertise in three areas:

Sweetening: Our understanding of sweeteners, built over many years, and our broad portfolio, have given us unique expertise in sweetening – sugar and calorie reduction in particular. Our sweeteners and fibres help reduce sugar and calories without compromising taste and mouthfeel.

Mouthfeel: Our starches add body, lengthen shelf-life and replace fat, while preserving the texture and mouthfeel people want.

Fortification: Our fibres offer a range of nutritional and functional benefits, alongside exceptional digestive tolerance. With this expertise and our deep knowledge of ingredients and complex food systems, we also create customised stabiliser systems (highly functional ingredient blends) that ensure products maintain their stability and appetising texture.

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