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Our priorities: Sharpen, Accelerate, Simplify


In the 2021 Annual Report, our CEO Nick Hampton explains in his Chief Executive’s review that our financial results show the continuing strength of our strategy, and the importance of our ‘Sharpen, Accelerate, Simplify’ priorities in supporting performance.

But what does ‘Sharpen, Accelerate, Simplify’ entail and how do these three priorities support business performance?

SHARPEN our focus on our customers

Sharpen priority

Our aims: 

  • Become the growth partner for our customers
  • New ways of working together
  • Grow our customer project pipeline
  • Become the ‘go to’ company for reformulation and sugar reduction

What steps have we taken this year?

  • Developed bespoke customer webinars on topics such as sugar reduction and plant-based ingredients.
  • Accelerated the launch of online customer tutorials, such as our Sweetener University and Fibre University curriculums.
  • Launched a new Nutrition Centre digital hub, including clinical research and health data

The impact:

We saw a 12% increase in value of new business pipeline during the year.

Accelerate priority

ACCELERATE innovation and portfolio development

Our aims:

  • Closer and earlier customer collaboration on key projects
  • Bring new products to market faster
  • Expand our portfolio, including through partnerships and acquisitions
  • Work with start-ups

What steps have we taken this year?

  • Increased New Product revenue by 21%
  • Launched 13 New Products from the innovation pipeline including clean label and stevia solutions
  • Completed acquisitions of stevia and tapioca businesses

The impact:

We saw an 18% increase in the value of our innovation pipeline during the year.

Simplify priority

SIMPLIFY the business and drive productivity

Our aims:

  • Simplify our organisation
  • Invest to improve operational efficiency
  • Create a culture of continuous improvement
  • Reduce costs and increase productivity

What steps have we taken this year?

  • Increased benefits from continuous improvement projects by 3%
  • Invested in a new gas-fired boiler in Decatur, Illinois, US
  • Simplified the organisation of customer-facing teams

The impact:

We have seen US$124m of total productivity benefits delivered in the first three years of our productivity programme.

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