Meeting on-the-go and reduced-sugar trends in North America

There’s no denying that our lives are becoming busier. That’s one of the reasons on-the-go food and beverage products are experiencing growth in North America.

Man with healthy protein bar on the go

Consumers in the United States are looking for quick, easy snacks and beverages that can keep them fuelled until their next meal. But they also want these on-the-go snacks to provide nutrition and quality carbohydrates, with reduced or no-added sugars.

In the past few years, one leading manufacturer in the nutrition category has worked to improve its current portfolio of protein products in order to address this trend. This customer of ours also continues to innovate and expand to other adjacent subcategories of nutritional snacks and meal replacements.

Balancing taste and health

Our customer’s prominent brand reputation was founded on the promise of protein products with minimal net carbs and sugar that do not sacrifice taste. This customer values our historical commitment, and exceptional technical support. Having worked with them to solve and deliver the best solution to product challenges, and they now consider us a part of their team.

With our sweeteners and fibres as staple ingredients in a variety of their products, this customer is able to balance taste and health to meet North American consumer trends, using different combinations of our TASTEVA® M Stevia Sweetener, DOLCIA PRIMA® Allulose and PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre. And because of their reduced sugar and nutritional offering, their products are suitable for people with diabetes seeking to manage their blood sugar.

Are you looking to reduce sugar or calories or add fibre in your next formulation? Speak to our team of experts today about how our ingredients and expertise can help you!

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