Making a difference on World Food Day


World Food Day is a day that focuses on a reality that impacts millions of people worldwide – that healthy nutritious meals are often out of reach.

We understand the urgent need to make health and sustainable diets affordable and accessible to everyone. This means not only quantity for those that suffer from hunger, but also quality nutrition for those that are overweight or obese.

While the challenge of ensuring everyone around the world has enough nutritious food to eat seems daunting, we believe everyone can be part of the solution.

Our ingredients, expertise and passion can make a difference

With 160 years in the food industry, we know the difference a healthy diet can make. Nutrition science tells us that modifying our diets to be healthier and more balanced can significantly impact our predisposition towards chronic diseases, as well as positively impact health across a lifetime.

“Our industry has a role to play in understanding and solving challenges like these,” says Kavita Karnik, Tate & Lyle’s VP of Nutrition and Open Innovation. “As a purpose-driven company, we’ll continue to do our part in this global conversation, through sharing our ingredients and our expertise.”

Our Purpose: Improving Lives for Generations starts with each of us

We’re proud that our teams around the world are inspired to help move the health and hunger solution forward.

Here are just a few ways that together as Tate & Lyle we are making a difference towards Zero Hunger:

In the past year, we’ve helped to provide more than 360,000 meals

Learn more about our work in our local communities around the world, here