Emulsified Sauces

The Challenge: Manage recipe costs in a mayonnaise product while keeping its indulgent mouthfeel experience thanks to its 65% fat content.



2024.05 Case Study_Mayonaise_Emulsified sauces

The market for mayonnaises and emulsified sauces is highly competitive and at the same time, consumers are looking for good value for money. Our customer wanted to reformulate their mayonnaise product to help streamline costs and boost profitability, yet regain the mouthfeel lost when removing the costly fat content – a crucial ingredient in its mouthfeel experience.


Process snapshot

  • Our sensory scientists worked with our customer to review recipes with fat reduction, change of emulsifier or addition of starch component.
  • Next step was to share recipe recommendation, cost calculation model and supply samples for test trial.



The Tate & Lyle solution was to create a range of marketable recipes for cost reduction option up to 30%. Our team reviewed a range of recipes with a focus to save costs through fat reduction by introducing MERIGEL® Starch, and STAMIST® Starch. This ultimately led to the delivery of a range of recipes allowing for a choice of different positioning options in the market that all deliver a comparable taste, texture & mouthfeel experience. For example:

  • Salad creams with different fat levels (30, 40, 50%)
  • Solutions with egg yolk or swapping out for STAMIST® Starch to emulsify


Ingredient snapshot

  • MERIGEL® Starch: Starches that thicken when added to cold or warm water and are excellent texturing agents for cold processed and instant foods, providing a variety of product textures, from smooth, to short, to pulpy, depending on the requirement of the product.
  • STAMIST® Starch: Produced from maize, this starch line provides emulsification in beverages, sauces, and dressings, offering varying viscosity levels depending on required mouthfeel.



With concern about food prices so high, consumers continue to find ways to reduce their food bills. By creating a mayonnaise formulation that was more cost effective, we were able to deliver a mayonnaise that was more accessible to consumers in market, and just as loved as higher price point options.


Consumer Insight

  • The vast majority (85%) of consumers are still worried about food prices and continue to take action to reduce their food bill.1
  • Price is the most common factor motivating what food consumers buy, and many want to see more budget ranges to help them save money.1




1. https://www.which.co.uk/policy-and-insight/article/consumers-and-the-cost-of-food-akmMF7l8srkQ

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