5 ways our team in Poland creates a great place to work


Tate & Lyle’s Global Shared Services (GSS) team has worked hard to design and implement programmes supporting employee wellbeing and career development to achieve high levels of employee engagement.

The team is continuously seeking feedback and ideas to improve the workplace experience and respond to employees’ current needs in Lodz, Poland. So, we caught up with our colleague, Zuzanna Grala, GSS Communications & Engagement Manager, to learn more about what the GSS team is doing to build a culture of inclusion and innovation that makes Tate & Lyle Lodz a great place to work every day.

Zuzanna and GSS team giving thumbs up in meeting room

“We believe in people. It’s the people that create a great place to work—their characters, experiences, knowledge and courage. Everyone has a role to play in building a unique culture. Everything we do is based on mutual trust, respect, open and honest communication,” said Zuzanna Grala, GSS Communications & Engagement Manager, “We invite different perspectives, which helps us grow together. We want each member of our team to find their own safe and friendly space, where everyone will be seen, heard and valued. We know the ideas brought forward will become a driving force of our global business here at Tate & Lyle.”

Here is Zuza’s list of how our team in Lodz creates a great place to work:

#1 Asking employees for feedback to continuously improve

Every month, Miłosz Aleksander, Vice President, Global Shared Services at Tate & Lyle, meets with team members that are new to the organisation to hear their thoughts and impressions to bring fresh perspective to the forefront. Colleagues with longer tenure can share their opinions during regular employee engagement meetings or through various surveys designed to assess communication, continuous improvement, environmental/health/safety activities and the employee wellbeing offering at the site. Any ideas for improvement that have received agreement to action and result from employee feedback, are tracked by the leadership team to ensure they are implemented.

#2 Ensuring employees are ‘in-the-know’

Teams call with GSS team

Open communication is key to establishing close relationships. Every member of the team is always provided with necessary information to perform their day-to-day duties well and connect with one another to collaborate. Regular meetings are hosted with the team, using a variety of communication channels and guidance to speed up the information flow and invite feedback. Everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas. Every voice is respected, and many changes or improvements have been introduced thanks to employees’ ideas.

GSS Active team on park run

#3 Supporting health and well-being

Caring for employee well-being is critical to creating a best-in-class workplace experience and the GSS team has developed their wellbeing programme since its introduction in 2016. The programme includes educational webinars and workshops connected to physical and mental health, live online workouts, on-site consultations with health specialists. In addition, a group of colleagues who run and exercise together are known as the ‘GSS Active team’ and represent the company in local sport events, motivating their colleagues to step out of their comfort zones and try activities they’ve never done before.

#4 Developing our people to enhance their careers

Career development plays an important role for each individual and the entire organisation. That is why we constantly monitor and adjust existing programmes for employees so that they can drive their own development, gain confidence in their tasks and achieve excellence in their roles. For several years now, members of the GSS team are able to take advantage of our internal mentoring programme, which is a great opportunity both for mentors and mentees to exchange experience and gain different perspectives. The team also expands the network of internal trainers - employees that are willing to share knowledge and skills with their colleagues by delivering high-quality training both in process and in business knowledge.

#5 Providing a great onboarding experience

Colleagues from office in Lodz, Poland, gather after volunteering project in Anstadt Square

The GSS team is well-known for the unique atmosphere the team creates. New team members often claim that they decided to join GSS because of the great things they’ve heard from current and former employees. Every employee can count on the support of their colleagues from the very beginning of their journey with the company. An in-depth onboarding experience allows newcomers to step into their new roles with confidence, having all information they need to perform their duties. A welcoming environment, mutual support and team spirit are key features of the workplace experience that helps make a positive impact on our colleagues today and those of tomorrow.

Did you know Tate & Lyle Lodz is certified by Great Place To Work?

Earlier this year, we were honoured to have been recognised by Great Place To Work and celebrated the efforts of our GSS team in creating a best-in-class workplace experience at our Lodz, Poland office. Great Place To Work is a global authority on workplace culture that uses employee feedback to determine the workplaces with the best of the best in employee experience. We’re honoured to be recognised for this achievement and happy to share the ways that our GSS team is building a culture of inclusion and innovation that earns that recognition day in and day out.