CLARIA® Functional Clean Label Starch

Introduction to CLARIA® Functional Clean-Label Starch
Also known as
Clean-label starch, functional clean label starch, starch

CLARIA® Functional Clean-Label Starches labels simply as starch yet perform similarly to modified starches.

Tate & Lyle’s line of CLARIA® Functional Clean-Label Starches empowers manufacturers to meet increased consumer demand for cleaner labels enabling formulations with similar functionality to a modified food starch. Globally, consumers are demanding convenient, great tasting foods that have recognisable ingredients on the label. In fact, one-in-four new products today is launched with “cleaner-label” claims.  All CLARIA® Functional Clean-label Starch products are certified as non-GMO.


At Tate & Lyle, our texturants range now offers a comprehensive array of Non-GMO offerings for all regions, providing our customers with choices to fit their needs. Our non-GMO ingredients offer the same functionality as their traditional counterparts without compromising on taste or texture. Meaning you can offer your consumers the foods and beverages they love with a label they can understand and trust.

CLARIA® Functional Clean-Label Starches use CLARIA® technology, a proprietary technology that has been shown to provide improved sensory attributes (neutral colour) vs. other functional clean-label starches.

Coupled with Tate & Lyle’s commitment to partnership and ingredient innovation, CLARIA® Functional Clean-Label Starches provide manufacturers the opportunity to co-create the next generation of cleaner-label products.

CLARIA® Bliss Functional Clean-Label Starches

CLARIA® Bliss are functional clean label tapioca-based starches that deliver a whiter colour and a cleaner flavour than other functional clean-label tapioca starches. CLARIA® Bliss thickens and sets to form a soft, translucent gel that is especially desirable for manufacturers with the added benefits of a soft gel texture, non-GMO and gluten free attributes. CLARIA® Bliss labels as ‘tapioca starch’ enabling clean label claims on a variety of applications including dairy desserts, clear sauces, chilled ready meals or filling of fresh baked goods.

The CLARIA® Functional Clean-Label Starch product line delivers on both taste and performance; these products  perform well over a range of processes, offer clean taste, are white in colour, and label simply as starch.  They are certified as non-GMO.  These starches enable food manufacturers to meet consumer demands for simpler labels.  This product line includes thickening and gelling starches; all of the products in the line offer good mouth clearing properties in soups, sauces, dressings, fillings, and dairy products when optimally used.

CLARIA® Instant Functional Clean Label Starches

Our CLARIA® Instant Starch range are non-GMO, functional clean label starches that build viscosity without cooking. These starches offer a clean taste and neutral colour profile. CLARIA® Instant Starch shows process tolerance that is suitable for various temperatures, acidity, shear and harsh processing conditions. CLARIA® Instant Starch is ideal for applications such as salad dressings, instant gravies and soups, and pastry fillings and creams.

CLARIA® Instant Starch provides immediate viscosity in high-solids systems, such as fruit fillings, and can be used to build viscosity in cold-processed applications such as salad dressings. These starches display similar sensory attributes to traditional modified food starch and offer excellent bake stability.

CLARIA® Functional Clean Label Starch is available globally

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CLARIA® application areas

CLARIA® Functional Clean Label Starch has a clean taste and colour, making it versatile across a range of applications.

CLARIA® can help manufacturers deliver clean label claims in fillings for baked goods and puddings.

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CLARIA® Functional Clean Label Starch can be usedto produce creamy, clean-label yoghurts, with the added benefit of clean labelling. Waxy corn-based CLARIA® starches thicken, providing a pudding-like texture in yoghurts. Tapioca-based CLARIA® Bliss thickens and sets to a soft gel, ideal for use in dairy applications that require a clean or delicate taste

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CLARIA® Functional Clean Label Starch can be used to launch creamy, clean tasting and label-friendly products without compromising on quality. CLARIA® Functional Clean Label Starches improve viscosity, glossiness and stability, key attributes for soups and sauces products.

In applications, CLARIA® Bliss thickens and sets to form a soft, translucent gel that is gluten free and non-GMO, ideal for use in a variety of soups, cooking sauces and dressings.

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Applying CLARIA ® Functional Clean Label Starch

CLARIA® Functional Clean Label Starch can be applied in products that require the use of an ingredient with a similar functionality to modified food starch. Our range of products can be used across a wide range of food-product categories and processing conditions.

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