Protecting planet and people through ingredient innovation

About our sustainability article series
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In our series, ‘Protecting planet and people through ingredient innovation’, Tate & Lyle experts look at some of the trends we see in the areas of responsible sourcing and plant-based new product development, and the science-driven solutions our global teams are helping to provide to society’s biggest challenge: the climate crisis.

Foreword by Nick Hampton, CEO

How ingredient companies support sustainable food production

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The global food industry is facing an inflection point. With the climate crisis knocking at our door, we all need to do things differently. Food and drink producers understand that they need to partner with their supply chains to minimise their environmental impact and build climate resilience. Leaders in the industry are focused on strengthening sustainable sourcing practices while adopting innovative approaches to production, packaging, refrigeration and transportation. No company can do this alone.

“Building sustainability into their research and development through the creation of plant-based products is another core focus for industry leaders. The United Nations has found that plant-based foods generally use less energy, land and water, and have lower greenhouse gas intensities than animal-based foods.”


Humanity must produce more food in the next four decades than we have in the last 8,000 years  - World Wildlife Foundation, 2022
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Anna Pierce, Director of Sustainability, explains why sustainable sourcing matters, how companies can get started in their journey, and how leading food and drink businesses are partnering to support regenerative agriculture.
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Kavita Karnik, Global Head of Nutrition and Regulatory, explains how companies can make plant-based food and drink that not only look and taste like their traditional counterpart but are as or more nutritious.
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Shen Siung Wong, Director of Global Applications, outlines the development of the plant-based sector and current priorities for producers in this sector.
Our plant-based solutions

Most Tate & Lyle ingredients are plant-based and can help to optimise taste, texture and nutrition in plant-based innovation. Along with our formulation expertise, our ingredients offer the functionality required for plant-based formulations that consumers will love, are better for them, and better for the planet.

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