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If you have a great idea or technology across any of the following areas, we want to hear from you.

Areas of focus

If you’re developing a new texturant with a proven advantage over existing products, get in touch. We’re open to all new ideas, but are especially looking for:

  • Clean label ingredients that add texture and mouthfeel to foods
  • Fat mimetic and fat replacement ingredients that improve low-fat foods
  • Low calories vegetable fats or technology to develop low calorie fats
  • Ingredients that act as emulsifiers with oil-loading capacity for beverages
  • Functional flours or native starches for added texture and mouthfeel in processed foods

Our PUREFRUIT® Monk Fruit Extract, SPLENDA® Sucralose, DOLCIA PRIMA® Allulose, TASTEVA® Stevia Sweetener, and KRYSTAR® Crystalline Fructose sweeteners are consumed by millions of people every day in many of the world’s most popular foods and beverages. We are keen to develop more sweeteners through open innovation and are especially looking for:

  • New natural high-potency sweetener ingredients
  • Natural, low- or zero-calorie alternatives to sugar that have the same sensory properties (colour, taste, texture, browning)
  • Plant derived ingredients with proven ability to mask bitter flavours, enhance sweetness or change the temporal profile of sweeteners
  • Technologies that reduce the hygroscopy of crystalline ingredients

A large and rapidly growing market, this is an area of increasing focus for us with ingredients such as PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre. If you’re working on a wellness ingredient with a proven advantage we want to hear from you. We’re open to all new ideas, but are especially looking for:


  • Soluble fibre ingredients that have good digestive tolerance and don’t adversely change the taste or sensory properties of foods
  • Ingredients with proven health benefits, especially digestive health and weight management. Products must be supported by positive evidence from human intervention studies
  • Technologies (such as enzymes or processes) that can modify carbohydrate structures to improve health benefits
  • Bulking agents that have fewer calories than sugar
  • Food and beverage ingredients manufactured from oats or which have a process which could be adapted for oats
  • Ingredients with cost advantages, strong health benefits and proven data, and/or “natural” processes are of specific interest

We get excited by smart new ways to produce high-quality food and beverage ingredients. If you have a product that could be of interest to us, get in touch.

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If you’re working on an idea or new technology that fits our criteria, get in touch.

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