3 reasons to partner with Tate & Lyle to develop nutrition education courses behind your next food innovation


Companies in the food and beverage industry have the unique opportunity to lead food innovation with evidence-based science — and need strong partnerships to make it happen. With our deep scientific expertise and passion for positive impact, Tate & Lyle helps bring food innovation solutions to life for our customers every day. Keep reading to explore why Tate & Lyle should be the top choice for your next partnership in developing nutrition education courses behind your next food innovation.

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Science-driven Expertise

At Tate & Lyle, our global nutrition team anchors our customer partnerships with evidence-based nutrition science and expertise on how nutrition impacts health. By providing our food and beverage customers with their knowledge behind our ingredients and solutions, our nutrition team brings science to the forefront to drive customer value by:

  • investing in and supporting public health research, policies and guidelines in collaboration with leading academic institutions;
  • collaborating in the development and delivery of nutrition education behind food innovations with customers and key industry experts around the world.

Creating Pathways

More and more studies are highlighting the relationship between the composition of the human microbiome and health conditions…and we know an individual’s diet plays a prominent role when the goal is to modulate the gut microbiota. We see this rising interest as an opportunity to share the science and knowledge behind food innovations with health and nutrition professionals — who are often the connector between scientific researchers and consumers.

We know sharing the latest scientific understanding behind food innovations with health and nutrition professionals creates pathways for improving health and wellbeing outcomes in society.

Renata Cassar, Head of Nutrition – LATAM at Tate & Lyle

Opportunity to Action

Leading with science to find opportunities for improving health and wellbeing is critical to our approach to partnership. This extends to our work in collaborating with customers and industry experts on the development of nutrition education courses, such as the recent "The Microbiome Diet" for health and nutrition professionals in Brazil in partnership with Danone and Nutrição em Pauta, a digital nutrition training provider.

The gut microbiota plays a key role when we talk about health because of its relationship with various tissues and organs, such as brain, muscle, and skin. For this reason, Danone joined forces with Tate & Lyle and Nutrição em Pauta for the development of the course "The Microbiome Diet", focusing on exploring microbiome concepts, key nutrients, diets and the impacts of probiotics and prebiotics at all stages of life.

Giovanna Maria, Dietitian, and member of the Medical Affairs team at Danone

Our passion for making a positive impact on society is embedded in our work to help bring food innovation solutions to life for our customers. We’re proud to extend this into supporting health and nutrition professionals looking for the latest evidence-based knowledge to support the patients they see in daily practice. Whether you’re a current or new customer to us, unlocking innovation in the food and beverage industry takes curiosity and collaboration from a strong partner – and we’re here to help every step of the way.

Learn more about Tate & Lyle’s Nutrition Centre and the nutrition research, education and resources we offer to our customers.

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A Dieta do Microbioma







* "The Microbiome Diet" is available until 31 June 2023.

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