A year of firsts as we celebrate our 160th birthday


Improving Lives for Generations is our company’s Purpose. It’s what we do, whether we’re helping our customers reduce sugar, calories and fat in their products or enriching them with fibre, discovering new ways to make great tasting, healthier food and drink, or investing in sustainable futures for the farmers. We never stop looking for ways of improving lives for generations.

As 2019 draws to a close, here are some of the things we did for the first time in past 12 months…




We celebrated turning 160 years old!





We committed to supporting sustainable agriculture for the equivalent of the entire 1.5 million acres of corn we buy globally each year.





Encouraging the next generation of food scientists, we judged the inaugural Enders Salk Elementary science fair.



Icon plastic recycling


11 of our sites around the world are now plastic-free!



Icon milk jug


We enabled more families in South Africa to access the nutritional benefits of dairy.



Icon sustainability


We partnered with Earthwatch to ensure that our stevia sweetener supply chain supports sustainable livelihoods and farming practices, with minimal impact on the environment.



Icon legal hammer


We successfully petitioned the FDA to exempt allulose from the 'Sugars' and 'Added Sugars' line of the Nutrition Facts Panels on US food and drink.



icon star award


Arial Ruble became our first employee to be named in Putman Media’s Most Influential Women in Manufacturing list.



Icon science research


We started exploring the benefit of dietary fibres for specific improved health outcomes, particularly relating to cardio-metabolic health.



Icon diabetes test


We explored the diabetes epidemic, dietary interventions and the role food and beverage manufacturers can play in developing products to help consumers manage blood glucose.


Icon global employee


We opened our brand new Latin American headquarters and application centre in Sao Paulo.



Here’s to a great 2019 and an even better 2020 of Improving Lives for Generations!