The pursuit of plastic-free


It’s not just our extraordinary ingredients and talented experts that can help people live healthier lives. We can also improve lives for generations through the footprint we leave on our planet.

Being able to impact the world through our actions is an exciting prospect. We know the world has a plastic problem, and one year ago, we decided to take the seemingly small step of removing single-use plastic from our London Kingsway head office. We started small – removing single-use coffee cups and plastic water cups and replacing them with more sustainable alternatives – ceramic mugs and water glasses.

A year later, we’re still making an impact. The Kingsway office has reduced its use of single-use coffee cups from 57,400 a year to zero, a feat that has significantly improved the environmental footprint of the office.

Since going plastic-free, the London office has begun what can only be described as a plastic-free revolution as colleagues around the world join the fight for a plastic-free workplace. 

So far, 11 sites have responded to the call to arms and more are preparing to join. Here are a few our sites freeing themselves of plastic:

Sao Paulo, Brazil

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, employees were given reusable water bottles in order to save 30,000 plastic cups, 15,000 plastic bottles, and 11,500 plastic bowls per year. 

Sao Paulo Brazil plastic free

Ossona, Italy

Meanwhile at our blending facility in Ossona, Italy, employees were also given ceramic mugs in order to save 6,600 plastic bottles and 6,400 per year.

Ossona Italy plastic free

Duluth Minnesota, US

Our malic and fumaric acid production plant in Duluth, Minnesota, US, eliminated 6,000 styrofoam cups from their annual usage, replacing them with steel cups. They also purchased a recycler for their other plastic, glass and metal waste, in order to reduce landfill contributions.

Duluth Minnesota plastic free

Łódź, Poland

At our Global Shared Services Centre in Łódź, Poland, employees cut back on 25,000 plastic cups and 22,000 plastic lids by switching to ceramic mugs.

Lodz Poland plastic free

Nantong, China

Back in April, our site in Nantong, China, pledged to replace all single-use plastic cups with stainless steel ones for employees, along with cardboard options for visitors.

Nantong China plastic free


We’ve made great strides in our pursuit of plastic-free working environments, but we know there’s still more to do. Learn more about the other environmental considerations and initiatives that are foundational to our business here.