Webinar: Sweetener University™ module 4 - sucralose


Since Tate & Lyle introduced the world to Splenda® Sucralose1 in 1999, its popularity has continued to grow and is now considered an essential no-calorie sweetener ingredient when formulating low-sugar and low-calorie food and beverages.

Sweetener Uni 4

We’re delighted to introduce module 4 of our popular webinar series Sweetener University™ airing on Wednesday 26 May, taking a closer look at Sucralose – A key ingredient for improving sugar-reduced foods.

High sweetness potency, arguably one of the most sugar-like taste profiles, and excellent processing and shelf-life stability have made Splenda® Sucralose a key ingredient for food formulators and developers to be familiar with.

What can attendees expect to learn?

  • What is Splenda® sucralose and what makes it so effective in formulating sugar-reduced products?
  • How can Splenda® Sucralose be incorporated in food product formulations to deliver cost-effective sugar-like taste performance?
  • What are some of the newest and most popular formulation approaches using Splenda® Sucralose in combination with other sugar replacement ingredients to create great tasting low sugar food and beverage products?

Learn about these topics and how sweetener science is helping to increase the speed and effectiveness of product development with our expert food scientist presenters, Patty Mancl, Senior Food Scientist, Global Ingredient Technology, and Brian Albert, Principal Scientist, Sweeteners.

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1 - SPLENDA® and the SPLENDA® logo are trademarks of Heartland Consumer Products LLC

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