We helped launch a protein bar with 30% less sugar and 30% more protein

Athletes and sports professionals aren’t the only people on the lookout for a snack that can be enjoyed ‘on the go’ in between training or events.

Enjoying a cereal bar on the go

Protein bars provide the ideal fuel, acting as a low-carb treat to keep energy levels topped up, providing a source of fibre that is also low in sugar and fat.

One of our global customers from the Asia Pacific region, wanted to create a protein bar with up to 30 percent less sugar, to meet with current consumer demand. The bar also had to provide a source of fibre that would improve taste and texture in addition to offering improved digestive tolerance.

We partnered with the customer’s R&D, and nutrition teams to help them understand the science behind PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre, providing data on its excellent digestive tolerance and ability to maintain desired bulk and texture while replacing sugar.

The customer used PROMITOR® in combination with Whey protein to create a bar that was free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. In the end, the company launched a bar with a 30 percent higher protein and 30 percent lower sugar content than other similar bars in the market.