Tate & Lyle Invites Manufacturers to Choose Their Own Solutions in Solving Unique Formulation Challenges at 2017 IFT Food Expo

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Interactive theatre showcases innovative solutions in texture, enrichment, and
sugar and calorie reduction


(LAS VEGAS, USA) – 15 June 2017 – Tate & Lyle PLC (‘Tate & Lyle’), a leading global provider of food ingredients and solutions, features interactive ‘theatres’ at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting and Food Expo in Las Vegas, Nev., June 26–28 (booth #2664). Attendees can experience a customised solution in texture, enrichment, and sugar and calorie reduction based on their unique formulation challenges.


"The food and beverage landscape has changed significantly over the past several years – consumers demand more from their food and beverages," said Michael Harrison, Chief Technology Officer, Tate & Lyle. "Now more than ever, manufacturers require an innovative set of solutions to meet various formulation and labelling challenges to develop breakthrough products smarter and faster. We’re thrilled to provide manufacturers with the opportunity to experience first-hand how some of these challenges might be addressed."
Booth attendees have the opportunity to put forward their unique formulation challenges and then self-select a Tate & Lyle ingredient solution that best fits their needs. The interactive theatres highlight solutions to some of the biggest challenges food and beverage manufacturers face today: creating memorable eating experiences that address sensory, labelling and nutrition expectations; reducing sugar and calories while maintaining essential texture and sensory attributes; and providing taste and functionality while making a variety of claims. Attendees will also have an opportunity to connect with a Tate & Lyle representative to discuss how the solution can be applied to their products.
Creating Memorable Eating Experiences That Address Sensory, Labelling and Nutrition Expectations Using Texture
Consumers demand a lot from their food and beverages – delicious taste, clean labels, nutritional benefits and irresistible texture. In fact, claims such as ‘smooth’, ‘luscious’ and ‘velvet’ continue to grow.  The interactive theatres feature a diverse portfolio of starches to deliver texture consumers crave in applications such as yoghurt, salad dressings and pie fillings.
Expo attendees can also:

  • Access a preview of the CLARIA® Functional Clean-Label Starches line expansion and learn about Tate & Lyle’s starch research and insights on creating ground-breaking texture solutions.
  • Experience the recently introduced CLARIA® Bliss tapioca-based starch, in an apple cranberry dressing served with a julienned beet and carrot salad. CLARIA® Bliss provides a clean flavour, translucent colour and excellent process tolerance in applications such as dressings.
  • Learn more about 17 recently introduced non-GMO starches with the same functionality as their traditional counterparts. 

Reducing Sugar and Calories While Maintaining Functional Attributes and Sweetness
Many manufacturers are seeing an increased demand for products with less sugar, fewer calories and more easily recognisable ingredients. At the same time, consumers expect the same irresistible, sugar-like taste and experience. In fact, consumers agree that a good balance of taste and health is the most important benefit when choosing a sweetener.  The interactive theatre will showcase Tate & Lyle’s broad portfolio of sweetening solutions that effectively reduce sugars and/or calories without impacting taste in products such as iced tea, chocolate milk and cupcakes.
"The opportunities to create something new are endless when you have the right tools and partners in place," said Abigail Storms, Vice President, Platform Management, Sweeteners, Tate & Lyle. "This year, we are thrilled to introduce expanded stevia solutions as a result of the global distribution partnership with Sweet Green Fields alongside our signature solutions that reduce sugar and calories."
Featured solutions are highlighted below:

  • An exceptional line of steviol glycosides including ‘Project Non-GMO Verified’ stevia, the breakthrough sugar-like proprietary INTESSE™ Stevia Extract, the cost-competitive Optimizer™ Stevia series and TASTEVA® Stevia Sweetener.
  • Experience Optimizer™ Stevia 2.10 and the newly introduced DOLCIA PRIMA® Crystalline Allulose in a Thai iced tea with almond, cashew and hazelnut drink. The synergies between the two ingredients achieve a 50% reduction in sugar in the tea and a 40% reduction in sugar in the mixed nut drink without impacting taste or texture. 

Appealing to Consumer Demand for Nutritious and Delicious Food with Enrichment Solutions
Globally, 52% of consumers are looking to consume more fibre. But while consumers want to consume more products with fibre, they struggle to find them. In fact, 33% of consumers claim they are not eating more fibre because not enough products with fibre are available on the market.  This finding poses an opportunity for manufacturers to introduce more affordable, fibre-fortified products to market.
In addition to their inherent benefits, such as helping to promote healthy digestion, fibres provide the functionality to help meet demand for many other trending health and wellness benefits. For example, some fibres can assist in providing bulk and mouthfeel in reduced-sugar products. In the interactive theatre, manufacturers can learn how Tate & Lyle’s enrichment solutions can help them achieve specific health benefit claims in applications such as granola bars, smoothies and almond milk.
Featured solutions include:

  • PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre provides more than two times the digestive tolerance of inulin, reducing the possibility of digestive discomfort and increasing consumer satisfaction. PROMITOR® is a versatile fibre that imparts little to no colour or off flavour and enables fibre enrichment and/or sugar and calorie reduction.
  • PromOat® Beta Glucan, a naturally processed soluble oat fibre, can give consumers access to foods and beverages that help support healthy blood cholesterol levels. Its beta glucan content is as high as 35%, which makes it easy to achieve dosages required for specific health benefit claims.
  • STA-LITE® Polydextrose, a low-calorie soluble fibre, is ideal for adding back bulk and mouthfeel in reduced sugar products and can also deliver fibre enrichment.

Advancing Innovation Through Developing Solutions for Developing Countries Competition
For the second year, Tate & Lyle is slated to present the award to the winning team in the IFTSA Developing Solutions for Developing Countries (DSDC) Competition – the second largest food competition hosted by IFT. The DSDC competition promotes the application of food science and technology and the development of new products and processes that are targeted at improving the quality of life for people in developing countries. The award presentation takes place Tuesday, June 27, at 7 pm PDT in the Venetian Ballroom ABCL, after the competition wraps up.
The theme for 2017 was to develop a food product aimed at improving the quality of life in a developing country while using one or more by-products of groundnut processing. The six finalists in the competition include: Guini Sweet Tortilla Multifunctional Dry Mix from the University of Costa Rica; Nutles from the University of Wisconsin; PeRoti from Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands; Pikin Mix from California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo; Chinut from Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia; P-Noodl from Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia.

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