Tate & Lyle Hosts Inaugural Expert Convening on Texture Science That Explored New Possibilities in Food Innovation

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Key opinion leaders in texture science and food and beverage manufacturing gathered to exchange ideas and advance the dialogue about the role of texture in making food extraordinary.

LONDON, 12 April 2017 – Tate & Lyle PLC ('Tate & Lyle'), a leading global provider of food ingredients and solutions, hosted the inaugural expert convening on texture science 14–15 March. During the first-of-its-kind two-day event at Tate & Lyle’s Innovation Centre in Hoffman Estates, Ill., leading food scientists from around the world met with representatives from major food and beverage companies to share starch research and insights on creating groundbreaking texture solutions. 

Presentations and discussions centred on ingredients, food applications, sensory insights and evaluation.

Part of Tate & Lyle’s Texture Scientific Education and Outreach programme, the event is anticipated to be the first of several to further the dialogue and elevate the role of texture in food innovation. 

As claims such as ‘smooth’, ‘luscious’ and ‘velvet’ continue to grow, according to 2014–2016 Innova Research, manufacturers are eager to develop crave-worthy textures consumers love.1 

‘Because it can be an effective way to enhance a food brand’s consumer appeal, texture is gaining the increasing attention of food research and food producers’, said Judy Whaley, Vice President of Texturants, New Product Development at Tate & Lyle. ‘That’s why we’re dedicated to encouraging collaboration and research that addresses critical gaps and challenges in food and ingredient innovation through textures’.

The event featured a highly respected speaker lineup of academic and industry starch experts, tours of the Hoffman Estates Innovation Centre, as well as workshops, a culinary presentation and discussions to encourage innovation in texturants. The keynote speaker, Hod Lipson, Ph.D., professor of mechanical engineering and data science at Columbia University, engaged audiences with his discussion on food printers. 


Lively, thought-provoking discussion punctuated the two-day event, as speakers covered topics such as the ones noted below:

  • What’s your breaking point? Predict emulsion behaviour from state diagrams.
  • From crumbly to crunchy; it’s all in the dough. Control dough and snack texture through starch selection.
  • The power of a simple cook. Use starch volume to predict texture in foods. 

‘We are thrilled to know attendees enjoyed the experiences and were excited about the possibilities that exist in the food texturant arena’, said Whaley. ‘Their reactions reinforce the need for more thought leadership in texture science, and we’re honoured to be at the centre of those discussions’.

Innovate with Texturants

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1 Innova, 2014-2017

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