Tate & Lyle to showcase its diverse portfolio of ingredients and solutions at FIC 2017, promoting delicious, nutritious and clean label food and beverages

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Showcasing a range of sweeteners, fibre products and clean-label starches ingredient solutions at Food Ingredients China (FIC 2017), Shanghai.

FIC 2017 stand

Shanghai, March 23, 2017 – Tate & Lyle, a leading global provider of food ingredients and solutions, is pleased to highlight its extensive range of solutions during FIC 2017, which can help food and beverage manufacturers meet the increasing demand from consumers for delicious and nutritious food.  At its booth, Tate & Lyle will focus on products including sweeteners, fibre products and clean-label starches.  A key highlight at the show will be the launch of its new, innovative natural stevia sweeteners’ range.

During FIC 2017, Tate & Lyle will deliver a technical speech (afternoon of March 25th, Meeting room: M8-03) entitled “A sweet journey”, which will address marketing trends in health & wellness, nutritional science in sugar/calorie reduction, as well as Tate & Lyle solutions.

Innovative Sweetener Solutions Address Calorie Challenges

For sweetness solutions, Tate & Lyle can help manufacturers overcome two key challenges when replacing sugars and reducing calories – compensating for nutritive sweetness and replacing body and mouthfeel. Tate & Lyle’s portfolio of sweetener solutions helps customers reduce sugar and calories without sacrificing the sweetness that delights consumers’ palates.

In addition to the new innovative natural stevia sweeteners’ range, other key highlights at the show include:

KRYSTAR® Crystalline Fructose, which provides strong synergies of sweetness and improves flavour while reducing both calories and cost.

PUREFRUIT™ Monk Fruit Extract, which has 150 to 200 times the sweetness of sugar, which allows for natural sugar reduction of up to 100% in certain foods and beverages.

When replacing sugar, the greatest challenge often lies in delivering the same satisfying sensory experience consumers know and love. Removing sugar can affect mouthfeel, bulk, texture, browning, and more. Tate & Lyle’s portfolio of novel sugars, fibers, and low-sugar syrups help to counterbalance the removal of sugar and deliver delectable food experiences.

Fibre Enrichment Solutions Meet Nutrition Demands

Tate & Lyle’s portfolio of fibres give manufacturers the option of improving the nutrition of food through a number of different ingredients.  In addition to benefitting digestive health, Tate & Lyle’s fibres have functional attributes that can help meet consumer demand for other nutritional claims, such as ‘reduced sugar’ and ‘low calorie’.

PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre has superior digestive tolerance compared to other high-fibre and sugar-reduced products, while maintaining sensory expectations and ease of use. PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre provides over two times the digestive tolerance of inulin1. It enables the formulation of great-tasting, high-fibre products and is available with fibre contents of 70%, 85% or 90%.

PromOat® Beta Glucan is another fibre option that helps achieve a satisfying reduced-fat product. Its strong water binding and emulsifying properties thickens and stabilizes emulsions, which mimics the creamy mouthfeel and smooth texture associated with full-fat products. It is a natural soluble fibre made from oats that can be used in foods and beverages that, depending on relevant in-country regulations, can provide an on-pack claims such as “helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels”.

STA-LITE® Polydextrose is an effective sugar replacer and excellent low-calorie bulking agent.  With only 1 kilocalorie per gram, it is ideal for foods and drinks created for weight-conscious consumers wanting to consume less sugar and fewer calories.

Clean-Label Starches Deliver Extraordinary Food Textures

CLARIA® Functional Clean-Label Starches outperform other clean-label starches when it comes to meeting consumer expectations for taste, texture and appearance. Internal colourimetric and sensory testing demonstrated that the CLARIA® line of starches deliver excellent smoothness and shininess and have a neutral flavour profile and colour that is comparable to modified starches. Of particular significance is that CLARIA® has a white colour profile and does not impart dark colours on the final product.

Tate & Lyle is also able to draw on its extensive portfolio of ingredients, as well as raw materials from a host of suppliers, to formulate customized stabilizer systems that deliver ideal product attributes along with the high functionality and stability customers need.

Tate & Lyle is committed to delivering innovative ingredients that can be incorporated into great-tasting foods to help consumers meet their nutrition and health& wellness needs every day. Whether it’s sweetening with less sugar, lowering fat without compromising texture, or adding fiber without sacrificing taste, our innovative ingredients and solutions help you make food extraordinary.

1 Housez B, et al., J Hum Nutr Diet. 2012


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About Tate & Lyle:
Tate & Lyle is a global provider of ingredients and solutions to the food, beverage and other industries, with operations in over 30 locations worldwide.

Tate & Lyle operates through two global divisions, Speciality Food Ingredients and Bulk Ingredients, supported by our Innovation and Commercial Development and Global Operations groups. The Group's strategy is to become a leading global provider of Speciality Food Ingredients through a disciplined focus on growth, and by driving Bulk Ingredients for sustained cash generation to fuel this growth.

Speciality Food Ingredients consists of three platforms: Texturants, which includes speciality starches and stabilisers; Sweeteners, which comprises nutritive sweeteners and our range of no-calorie sweeteners including SPLENDA® Sucralose; and our Health and Wellness portfolio which includes speciality fibres and our salt-reduction offering. Additionally, our Food Systems business provides a wide variety of blended ingredient solutions.

Tate & Lyle Bulk Ingredients includes bulk sweeteners, industrial starches and fermentation products (primarily acidulants). Corn co-products from both divisions are primarily sold as animal feed.

Tate & Lyle is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol TATE.L. American Depositary Receipts trade under TATYY. In the year to 31 March 2017, Tate & Lyle sales totalled £2.8 billion. For more information, please visithttp://www.tateandlyle.com

SPLENDA® is a trademark of Heartland Consumer Products LLC.

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