Global Growth Pushes Dairy Alternatives into Mainstream


Dairy alternatives, once considered a niche category for lactose intolerant and vegan consumers, are piquing consumer interest all around the world, even amongst those who aren’t averse to dairy. Proof in point: globally, dairy-alternative beverage launches have doubled since 2012. This trend is penetrating countries in nearly every region driven by consumer perception of plant-based, non-dairy products as ‘better for you,’ and the ability to market products with additional health-benefit or provenance claims and clean-labels.

Mousse yoghurt

The worldwide trend creates a global opportunity for food and beverage manufacturers to diversify their offerings with more dairy alternatives. But manufacturers face formulation challenges in this category as they seek to mimic the flavour and consistency of conventional dairy products. The good news is we have a portfolio of fibres that can provide the right texture and great taste —using ingredients to add body and create a creamy mouthfeel and smoothness or replace bulk and mouthfeel in reduced-sugar dairy alternatives.

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