Fibre For Life: Exploring the Physiological Benefits of Fibre


Understanding consumer trends in food and beverage is important to us, as it drives our new product development and ensures we continue making food extraordinary. That’s why we have undertaken extensive research to understand consumers’ views on fibre and the role it plays in their diets.

We surveyed nearly 9,000 consumers around the world to learn what they think and want when it comes to fibre. Although a majority of consumers expressed a desire to increase their fibre intake, only 25% reported they consume products with fibre daily. The leading cause for low consumption frequency was a lack of products with fibre. 

For decades consumers have understood that fibre helps with regularity, but human studies have shown that certain dietary fibres can do so much more like:
•    positively impact glycemic response
•    help maintain healthy cholesterol
•    support weight management via calorie reduction and improved satiety
•    and contribute to bone health.

And now we’re learning more about how certain fibres, like our PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre, offer better digestive tolerance through SHIME—the Simulator of the Human Intestinal Microbial Ecosystem from ProDigest.  SHIME simulates how fermentation works in the gut and quantifies gas produced in the colon. This has confirmed what we’ve already seen in human studies—PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre has more than twice the digestive tolerance of inulin—and demonstrated that this is because of differences in the location and speed of fermentation. This video below shows more about how SHIME works and discusses the benefits of soluble fibres. 

Adding Fibre Enrichment is Easy

PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre makes it easy to add fibre enrichment to a wide range of foods and beverages. 

PROMITOR® offers these benefits:
•    clean taste, texture and superior digestive tolerance so manufacturers don’t have to worry about consumer acceptance,
•    ideal for use at lower inclusion levels to reach nutritional targets while ensuring consumer acceptance and comfort,
•    excellent for adding back bulk and viscosity of nutritive sweeteners in reduced sugar products to improve viscosity and mouthfeel,
•    excellent process and shelf stability, even in low pH conditions,
•    won’t break down into sugars like other soluble fibres might during storage,

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