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The hidden benefits of fibre


Consumers around the world understand the digestive health benefits of fibre and want to increase their consumption of fibre.  They are on the lookout for products that provide fibre but still deliver great taste and texture, while promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.

“Fruit and vegetables are not always convenient or popular to eat in daily life.” Senior Vice President of global applications and Speciality Food Ingredients, Luis Fernandez commented at the recent IFT annual meeting in Chicago. You would have to eat 10 cups of broccoli to achieve the recommended serving of fibre a day.

Digestive health is not the only key benefit of fibre.  It is often used to replace sugars, resulting in products with less added sugars and excellent mouthfeel. 40% of consumers want to consume less sugar and calories in their diet and Tate & Lyle can help you make that possible.

The hidden benefits of fibre

For example, Tate & Lyle developed a 50% sugar reduced raspberry lime team drink with 30% fewer calories. In blind sensory evaluations, consumers could not tell the difference between the Tate & Lyle drink and the full sugar and calorie version. So, consumers can enjoy the benefits of sugar and calorie reduction in a refreshing and satisfying drink.

Tate & Lyle offers a unique portfolio of fibres. Our PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre is a prebiotic fibre that supports good gut bacteria. Within our ingredient portfolio our STA-LITE® Polydextrose provides a variety of health and functional benefits and are well tolerated by consumers. Only Tate & Lyle can offer a wide range of fibres and combinations. Actively promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, an increase in prebiotic fibre within the diet is not only beneficial to the colon and large bowel functions, it can also benefit overall health and wellbeing.

Our fibres are another example of how we help make food extraordinary. We can help you determine the ideal fibre or combination of fibres to meet your specific product needs and/or desired health benefit claims.

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