Happy National Volunteer Month!


April was National Volunteer Month in the US and as we look back on the month, we reflect on the year that’s led us here. Despite the many barriers Covid-19 presented, we are happy to have found ways to give and serve alongside the communities we call home.

The power of partnership

Partnership means everyone wins. This may sound simple in practice, but this past year truly has reinforced the power of partnership. Across the pandemic, our volunteers took opportunities to engage in community-wide health, safety and food drive efforts which brought out the best in everyone – whether it was sharing expertise, resources or manpower.

And, it’s through maintaining and deepening these connections that we’ll further define our role in helping our communities emerge stronger and more resilient for the future.

Simple gestures

Moments of connection and personal outreach matter – a lot. We’ve seen, felt and lived isolation and disconnection for months, but in the separation, we also learned the great value of simple gestures of goodwill, caring and thanks.

It’s often small, but memorable moments which have changed us as volunteers for good. We plan on making the most of these moments in 2021 and beyond.

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National Volunteer Month collage